Effective Ways to Store Limes and Lemons for Longer Freshness

Limes and lemons are essential ingredients for various dishes, cocktails, and beverages. They add an acidic flavor to the dish and enhance its taste. However, storing these citrus fruits can be a daunting task as they have a shorter shelf life. If you’re someone who buys limes and lemons frequently but struggles with their storage, then this blog is for you.

Why Proper Storage Matters?

Before we dive into how to store limes and lemons properly, let’s discuss why it matters in the first place. Limes and lemons are highly perishable fruits that can spoil quickly if not stored correctly. Improper storage of these citrus fruits can lead to mold growth on their surface or brown spots inside them. Moreover, exposure to moisture or air can cause them to lose their freshness quickly.

The Best Ways To Store Limes And Lemons

There are several methods available that one can use to store limes and lemon effectively.

Method #1: Store Them In The Refrigerator

Refrigeration is perhaps the most common method used worldwide for storing limes and lemons since it keeps them fresh while also preventing mold growth.
To refrigerate your lime/lemon:

– Wrap each fruit separately in paper towels.
– Place them in a plastic bag or container.
– Keep them in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.

This method retains freshness without allowing any moisture loss or excess humidity buildup inside the bag/container

Method #2: Squeeze Them Into Ice Cubes

If you want an easy way of using lemon/lime juice whenever needed, squeezing lime/lemon juice into ice cube trays is a great option. You will need:

– Lime/Lemon
– A juicer
– An Ice cube tray


– Cut the lime/lemon and juice it using a juicer.
– Pour the juice into an ice cube tray.
– Freeze them.

This method is also convenient because you can use these ice cubes in drinks or dishes, thus adding flavor to your meals without any hassle.

Method #3: Store Them In A Paper Bag

If you want to store limes and lemons at room temperature, storing them in a paper bag is an excellent option. This method prevents mold growth and keeps them fresh for a longer time. Here’s how:

– Put your limes/lemons inside of a brown paper bag
– Place them on the countertop

The benefit of this low-tech solution is that it allows air circulation while keeping fruits away from direct sunlight.


Storing limes and lemons correctly will help keep their freshness intact while ensuring that they don’t spoil quickly. Whether you choose to refrigerate, freeze, or store them in a paper bag – following these storage methods will help you get more out of your citrus fruit experience. So go ahead, experiment with these methods until you find one that works best for your needs!

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