The Ultimate Guide to Properly Storing Macaron Shells

Macarons are delicate, colorful desserts that require precision and patience to make. They consist of two almond flour-based shells that sandwich a sweet filling. One of the biggest challenges when making macarons is getting the right texture for the shells, which must be light, airy and slightly crunchy on the outside. But there’s another challenge too – storing them without ruining their consistency.

In this blog post, we will guide you through how to store macaron shells properly so that they retain their flavor and texture for as long as possible.

Why Proper Storage is Important for Macaron Shells

Macaron shells have a unique structure that makes them vulnerable to humidity. If they are exposed to moisture or air for an extended period, they can become soft or chewy instead of crisp and tender.

Moreover, improper storage can also cause off-flavors in your macarons due to cross-contamination with other foodstuffs nearby like strong-smelling cheeses or onions.

Therefore it’s crucially important not only to bake your macarons perfectly but also store them properly so they remain mouth-watering until you’re ready to serve them up!

The Best Ways To Store Macaron Shells

There are numerous ways you can store your delicious macaroon cookies however some methods work better than others depending on personal preference:

1) Refrigeration: Some bakers prefer keeping their baked treats in refrigerators; this works well if adequately done since low temperatures help preserve freshness while preventing bacterial growth over time.

To refrigerate your macaron cookies after baking place each one into an airtight container before placing inside the fridge. This method helps keep out any extra moisture from creeping into those delicate meringue biscuits.

However don’t forget about condensation forming inside containers as it could ruin both looks & textures; try taking out any excess moisture after refrigeration.

2) Freezing: This storage method is not only great to increase the longevity of your macarons, but also to save on time during busy periods. Freeze them for up to two weeks in freezer bags or containers if preparing ahead of time.

To freeze macaron shells, simply put them into a freezer bag and store in the freezer until ready to use. Keep cookies away from other foods with strong smells that can alter the flavor of your delicious macarons over time.

3) In Room Temperature: It is possible (and advisable!) store freshly baked Macarons at room temperature – this helps maintain their texture whilst keeping out any extra moisture; however they have shorter shelf life than refrigerated ones

Store macaron shells in an air-tight container at room temperature for 24 hours maximum before they begin losing their freshness & crispiness.

How Long Can You Store Macaron Shells?

Macaron shells are best consumed within a week or two when stored properly using one of our recommended methods above. After that period, they may start crumbling due to loss of elasticity leading into off-flavors as well as potential cross-contamination from other foodstuffs nearby.

So it’s always best practice sticking to fresher options by making smaller batches more frequently instead of trying storing large batches for long periods!


Learning how to store your delicate and precise homemade macaron treats will help preserve their unique flavors and textures so you can enjoy them whenever you please! Whether refrigerating/freeze/room temperatures – these three ways all work effectively depending on personal preference. By following proper storage methods outlined here, you’ll be able extend shelf life while maintaining original crispiness so everyone enjoys every bite!

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