How to Store Meyer Lemons: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Your Citrus Fresh

Meyer lemons are a versatile fruit with a unique flavor that has become increasingly popular in recent years. These lemons have a sweeter taste than traditional lemons, and their thin skin makes them great for cooking, baking, and even cocktails. However, Meyer lemons can be difficult to find year-round, so it’s important to know how to store them properly when you do get your hands on them.

Choosing the Right Lemons

The first step in storing Meyer lemons is choosing the right ones. Look for fruits that are firm but giving slightly under gentle pressure as they ripen quickly and soften faster than other citrus varieties. Avoid any fruits with bruises or soft spots as these may indicate spoilage.

The Importance of Organic Lemons

When selecting Meyer Lemons go organic if possible. This ensures no pesticide residue or wax coating which would hinder preservation efforts later on.

Storing at Room Temperature

If you plan on using your Meyer lemons within a week or two of purchasing them, room temperature storage is an option. Keeping the fruit at room temperature will help it retain its juiciness and flavor more effectively while also allowing some natural air circulation around it.

However, ensure not to place them beside other fruits like bananas or apples as this speeds up the ripening process due to ethylene gas released by other fruits – leading towards quick spoilage.

Cool & Dark Place Storage Tip

If storing for over 1 week then wrap each lemon individually in paper towels then gently place in cardboard carton box before placing into cool dark pantry shelf away from direct sunlight rays- this method allows airflow while keeping fruit cool enough (but not too cold) thus preserving optimal juicy sweet flavour longer without rotting quicker!

Refrigerator Storage

If you won’t be using your Meyer lemons immediately, storing them in the refrigerator can help extend their shelf life. The low temperature and humidity of refrigerators slow down the ripening process and reduce moisture loss.

How to Store Lemons In a Fridge

Place Meyers lemons in a plastic bag before sealing it tight or wrap each lemon individually with plastic wrapping material then store it flat in one layer inside your refrigerator crisper drawer. This will prevent any exposure to air as well as moisture buildup, which could lead towards mold growth or spoilage.

Freezing Meyer Lemons for Long-term Storage

If you have an abundance of Meyer lemons and want to keep them for longer than 1-2 months, consider freezing them. Freezing will preserve the fruit’s flavor while also making it convenient to use whenever needed.

The Right Way To Freeze Meyers Lemons

Firstly slice thinly or into wedges after washing off dirt & grimes from skin surface, then spread out evenly on parchment-lined baking tray/cookie sheet (do not stack). Place uncovered tray into freezer until solid frozen – this should take approx. 6 hours depending upon the thickness of slices/wedges used

Once fully frozen transfer sliced meyer lemon segments into labeled resealable freezer bags removing as much air possible before sealing tight gets rid of crystallization issues that would ultimately affect taste quality.


Knowing how to store Meyer lemons properly can make all the difference when it comes to preserving their unique flavor. Whether you prefer room temperature storage for short-term use, refrigeration for medium-term storage, or freezing for long-term storage – different approaches work best depending on individual needs and preferences so now is time get creative without worrying about wasting surplus produce!

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