How to Properly Store Mint Leaves for Extended Freshness

Mint leaves are a staple ingredient in many dishes and drinks, but their delicate nature makes them prone to wilting and browning. If you want to save your mint leaves for later use, it’s essential to store them properly to retain their freshness and flavor. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to store mint leaves for long-lasting freshness so that you can enjoy their refreshing taste all year round.

The importance of storing mint leaves correctly

Mint is an herb that contains volatile oils responsible for its distinct aroma and flavor. These oils evaporate quickly when exposed to air or heat, which causes the mint leaves to wilt, turn brown, and lose their potency. Storing your mint correctly will help slow down these processes and keep your herbs fresh for longer.

Harvesting your Mint Leaves

To ensure the best quality yield from harvested mint plants:

– Cut off stems near the base rather than picking individual leaves
– Choose younger sprigs with smaller yet vibrant green foliage.
– Avoid cutting back more than one-third of each plant at a time.

How To Store Fresh Mint Leaves

There are several ways you can store fresh mint at home depending on how long you plan on keeping it.

Method #1: Refrigerator Storage in Water

This method works well if you plan on using your fresh mint within a week.

1) Trim any damaged or yellowed ends of the stem.
2) Place trimmed stems standing upright in a clean jar filled about halfway with water.
3) Cover loosely with plastic wrap or put into an unsealed zip-lock bag.
4) Store in refrigerator door where temperatures fluctuate less often.

You may need change out water every other day as some acidity may build-up over time

Method #2: Drying Your Mint Leaves

Drying your mint leaves is a great way to extend their shelf life and give you the ability to use them in winter months.

1) Cut mature stems before flowers begin to bloom
2) Tie a bunch of 6-8 stem together with kitchen string or rubber band.
3) hang upside down in a well ventilated, cool dark space
4) Wait for about two weeks until they are completely dry
5) Remove leaves, discarding any tough stems. Store in an air-tight container out of direct sunlight.

Method #3: Freezing Your Mint Leaves

Freezing is another excellent method that allows you to store fresh mint for up to six months without losing its flavor.

1) Rinse off dirt and pat dry with towel.
2.) You can either freeze individual leafs by placing on a cookie sheet and freezing flat then place into ziplock bag OR blanching them for 10 seconds in boiling water followed by quickly shocking them in ice water bath. Tightly sealed bags can last up to six months.


In conclusion, storing your mint correctly will help keep it fresh for longer periods, allowing you more flexibility when cooking or preparing drinks. By following these simple tips mentioned above – refrigerating it in water, drying naturally indoors or freezer storage – you can keep this wonderful herb handy year-round without sacrificing quality and taste!

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