Effective Ways to Store Mugs for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Mugs are a staple in every household. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, mugs provide the perfect vessel for your favorite hot beverage. But with so many different sizes and designs, storing them can be quite challenging. In this post, we’ll share some tips on how to store mugs efficiently while also keeping them safe from damage.

Choose the Right Cabinet

The first step in storing your mugs is choosing the right cabinet. While it may be tempting to shove all of your cups and glasses into one cabinet, it’s important to have a separate space for your mugs. When selecting a cabinet, consider the size and number of mugs you own as well as their shape and design.

Cabinet Size

If you have several large or bulky mugs that won’t fit easily into smaller cabinets, look for cabinets that offer more vertical space between shelves or ones that are designed specifically for oversized items.

Mug Shape & Design

When considering mug shape and design, make sure to choose a cabinet with ample width so each mug has enough room without touching others. This will prevent chips and scratches caused by friction between cups.

Use Hooks or Shelves

Another way to store your mugs safely is by using hooks or shelves inside your chosen storage area.

Hanging Hooks

Hanging hooks are an excellent option when working with limited cupboard space because they allow you to take advantage of vertical wall surfaces instead of interior shelving alone.

Make sure the hooks match up correctly with the thickness of handles on most common types before installing—otherwise simply use adhesive strips like Command Strips!

Try arranging two rows very close together vertically spaced apart (about 4 “between each hook) below eye level where they’ll be easy-to-reach.


If you have more shelf space in your chosen cabinet, consider installing extra shelving that has been designed to hold mugs. This will help ensure that each mug has its own designated spot and stays safely in place.

Stacking Mugs

You may be tempted to stack mugs on top of each other when storing them, but this can cause chips and cracks over time.

To protect your mugs from damage during storage, we suggest using a simple shelving method where cups are side by side rather than piled atop one another—especially when it comes heavier handles or delicate materials (like porcelain).


Storing your mugs efficiently requires some thought and preparation. But with the right cabinet, hooks or shelves, you’ll be able to keep all of your favorite cups safe for years to come. Try out these tips today!

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