The Ultimate Guide to Storing Olives Brine-Free

If you love olives, but dislike their strong briny taste or are looking for a healthier alternative, then storing them without brine may be the solution. Olives can be stored in several ways to preserve their flavor and texture. In this article, we will explore various methods of storing olives without brine.

Choose Fresh Olives

The first step in storing olives without brine is to choose fresh ones. Look for firm and plump olives that have not been damaged or bruised. Avoid overripe or soft olives as they may not hold up well during storage.

Select the right variety

Different olive varieties have varying levels of oil content and flavor profiles which affect how they store over time. Some ideal varieties include black Kalamata, Green Castelvetrano, or Manzanilla.

Dry Cured Method

One way to store olives is through dry curing. This method involves salting the olives and leaving them out to dry naturally for several days until they shrivel slightly.

Salt your Olives

Place your chosen olive variety on a flat tray and sprinkle with salt generously.
Mix the salt into each layer by tossing it around using clean hands
Cover with cloth at room temperature (20-30 degrees Celsius) for 7-10 days.
Make sure you toss them every day

Rinse Your Olives

Rinse off any excess salt from your cured olived before packing it in an air-tight container
Add herbs such as thyme, rosemary garlic cloves
Pout Extra Virgin Olive Oil enough cover all pieces completely

Oil Cured Method

Oil curing is another great way of preserving those delicious little fruits lasting months!

Salt Your Olve

Take your chosen olive variety and rub carefully with salt all over
Store at room temperature for about 10 days
Make sure you toss them every day

Oil Cure Your Olives

The olives are then covered in extra virgin olive oil after draining the liquid from the brine.
Add Herbs and Spices like thyme, garlic cloves, chili flakes to add extra flavor.


Storing olives without brine is a great way to enjoy their natural flavors and aromas. Whether you choose the dry-curing or oil-curing method, it’s essential to select fresh olives of high quality. With these simple steps, you can easily store your favorite variety of olives for months while enjoying its distinctive taste!

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