Effective Ways to Store Onion Sets Until Planting Season

Onions are a staple in most kitchens, and growing them yourself is a great way to save money while enjoying the freshest produce. One of the best ways to grow onions is by planting onion sets. However, it’s essential to store your onion sets correctly before planting them to ensure they remain viable and healthy. In this blog post, we’ll outline some tips on how to store onion sets until planting.

Choosing high-quality onion sets

The first step in storing onion sets for planting is choosing high-quality ones. Look for firm, dry bulbs that have no signs of rot or mold. The tops should be intact and free from damage or cuts.

Size matters!

When buying your onion sets, consider their size as well. Smaller varieties tend to produce smaller onions but can be planted closer together than larger bulbs.

Variety specificity

Also, keep in mind that different types of onions require specific storage conditions; therefore, buy the right variety suitable for local weather regimes.

Curing Onion Sets Before Storage

Before you start storing your newly purchased or harvested onion set away for later use during planting season let’s cure it! Curing helps toughen up the skin so it can withstand long term storage without damage

Place freshly dug bulb out on a tarpaulin sheeted table under direct sun rays with good air circulation so moisture evaporates naturally drying off its skin surface taking up 1-5 days depending on geographical location humidity level unlike already cured bulbs ready for storage which requires only about 24 hours drying time or less if dehydrated using an oven machine at low temperature settings

After curing your Onion Set leave stems attached don’t wash unless necessary wipe clean excess soil dirt etc

The Right Conditions For Storing Onion Sets

Once you’ve selected your high-quality onion sets, it’s crucial to store them in the right conditions.


The first factor to consider is temperature; the ideal range should be between 35-45 degrees Fahrenheit (2-7C) under cool dry ventilated storage area or room free from direct sunlight and water damage.


Onion Sets must have access to good ventilation to avoid moisture retention leading ultimately to mold formation or rotting bulbs.
Ensure storing bags have well-spaced holes for good air circulation.
Protect Onion Bags from critters and insects that could destroy Well-stored Onions by keeping it off the ground surface using a wooden pallet inside a dedicated storage shed.

How long can you store onion sets?

For optimal sprouting potential aim for planting Onion Sets within a year of curing and proper storage . In general, consider using any un-planted stored onions older than one year as food instead.

In Conclusion
Storing your onion set before planting is essential as it ensures germination rates during plantings are high. We hope this blog has been helpful in outlining how best to store your Onion Set— giving tips on Curing & choosing quality bulbs while considering specific varieties, optimum temperature ranges & adequate ventilation when storing until ready for planting season. Following these steps will produce healthy plants with full-sized sweet onions!

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