Expert Tips for Properly Storing Opened Canned Dog Food

As a responsible dog owner, you want to provide your furry friend with the best possible nutrition. Canned dog food can be a convenient and tasty option for your canine companion, but what do you do when you don’t use the entire can in one meal? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to store opened canned dog food to keep it fresh and safe for your pup.

Why is proper storage important?

When you open a can of dog food, bacteria from the air can contaminate the contents. These bacteria begin to grow once they have access to moisture and nutrients. If left unrefrigerated or improperly stored, these bacteria will continue to multiply and may cause your pet harm by increasing their risk of developing an upset stomach or even contracting serious illnesses like salmonella.

Use Airtight Containers

The best way to store opened canned dog food is by using an airtight container. Transfer any leftovers from the original can into the storage container immediately after opening it. This will prevent bacterial growth while also protecting against moisture loss that could dry out or spoil the food.

Choose The Right Container

Choose a container that is appropriate in size for storing leftover canned dog food. Glass containers are ideal as they are non-toxic and easy to clean; stainless steel containers work well too because they’re durable and won’t rust over time.

Avoid plastic containers

Pet owners must avoid plastic containers because plastics contain harmful chemicals such as BPA which leaches into foods if heated beyond recommended temperatures leading toxicity issues.

Refrigerate Leftovers Promptly

After transferring leftover canned dog food into an airtight container, refrigerate it promptly at 40°F (4°C) or lower within two hours after serving your pet’s meal(s). As mentioned earlier leaving wet dog food cans in a warm environment, there is the risk of bacterial growth that can cause health issues for your pet.

How Long Can You Refrigerate Opened Canned Dog Food?

Refrigerated leftover canned dog food will last between three to five days. Discard any uneaten wet dog food after five days even if it doesn’t appear spoilage since bacteria grow rapidly at refrigeration temperatures and may not be visible until they have reached harmful levels.

Freezing Leftover Wet Dog Food

If you cannot use up all of your leftover canned dog food within 5 days, freezing it is an effective solution to avoid wastage. Remember to transfer the leftovers into a freezer-safe container and label with date before storing in the freezer. Frozen wet dog foods remain safe indefinitely but lose their quality over time so consume them within 6 months

In conclusion, knowing how to store opened canned dog foods properly can prevent bacterial growth while keeping your furry friend’s meal safe and healthy. Airtight containers are essential for storing remaining canned pet foods as well as preventing moisture loss or spoiling the contents. Likewise, always refrigerate leftovers promptly at recommended temperatures without exceeding three dates or consider freezing for future use that could save money while ensuring sufficient nutrition supply for your pet.

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