How to Properly Store Opened Prosecco for Maximum Freshness and Flavor

Prosecco is a popular sparkling wine that has become a favorite among wine enthusiasts. However, once you open a bottle of prosecco, it can be challenging to store it properly and maintain its taste and effervescence. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to store opened prosecco.

Why Storing Opened Prosecco is Important

When stored improperly, opened prosecco can lose its carbonation and flavors quickly. The longer you keep an opened bottle of prosecco exposed to air, the more likely its bubbles will dissipate.

Avoid Refrigerator Doors

One common mistake many people make when storing their sparkling wines is placing them in the refrigerator door. This might seem like an easy solution but it’s not ideal for maintaining the quality of your sparkling wine.

Re-seal Your Bottle Properly

After opening your bottle of Prosecco, ensure that you seal it tightly with a stopper or cork. Avoid using plastic wrap or aluminum foil as they do not provide an adequate seal.

Avoid Exposure To Sunlight And Heat Sources

Always place your opened bottles in storage areas away from exposure to sunlight and heat sources like stoves or microwaves. Direct sunlight will cause changes in temperature which impact both flavor and carbonation levels within the liquors.

The Importance Of Temperature Control

Maintaining proper temperature control between 35-45°F (1-4°C) for unopened bottles are essential for keeping fresh taste buds without losing any original properties over time spent during storage periods after uncorking.

How To Keep Opened Bottles Fresh Longer

There are several solutions available today that help prolong their lifespan by preserving flavors while also increasing longevity by reducing needless exposure due incorrect handling techniques.

Vacuum Sealed Wine Saver

A vacuum-sealed wine saver is an excellent solution for keeping your prosecco fresh. This tool removes excess air from the bottle, reducing oxidation and preserving flavors while keeping carbonation levels intact.

Wine Bottle Stopper

This is a typical stopper that fits over the top of your opened wine bottles without removing them entirely. It provides a tight seal between cork or screw cap to avoid any unnecessary exposure to air which can cause degradation in taste quality.


In conclusion, storing opened prosecco requires proper temperature control, sealing techniques, protection against sunlight and heat sources. By using tools like vacuum sealed wine savers or regular bottle stoppers you will increase longevity while maintaining flavor profiles intact so you can indeed enjoy every sip!

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