Proper Storage Tips for Opened Pumpkin Puree

Fall is a time of year when pumpkin-flavored goods are in high demand. From coffee and baked goods to soups and stews, the uses for this versatile fruit are endless. Pumpkin puree in particular is an essential ingredient for many recipes during fall and winter months. But what do you do with leftover pumpkin puree after using only a portion of it? You don’t want it to go to waste, so here’s how to store opened pumpkin puree.

Option 1: Freezing Pumpkins Puree

Clean Storage Container

Before freezing your leftover pumpkin puree, ensure that your storage container is spotless. This will minimize any bacterial growth or contamination on the surface of the container that may cause spoilage.

Spoon Into Ice Cube Trays

Next, take out an ice cube tray and spoon equal amounts of pumpkin puree into each section. Smooth out any bumps with a spatula or butter knife.

Freeze until Solid & Transfer

Place the ice cube tray into your freezer until all cubes are frozen solid (roughly 4-6 hours). Once frozen, remove from the freezer and pop each cube out into a large plastic baggy or vacuum sealer baggy before returning them to their cold resting place.

Option 2: Refrigerating Pumpkins Puree

Clean Storage Container Again!

Once again ensure that your storage container has been washed thoroughly – rinsing it with hot water followed by soap/washing up liquid should suffice.

Spoon The Leftover Pureé In To The Container

Measure out tablespoons worth portions of what’s left over before carefully scooping into prepared containers.

< h3>Burp The Air Out Of The Container

When you have filled the container with pumpkin puree, take a piece of cling film and cover the top. Gently press down on the film until it’s right against the surface of the pureé before tightly wrapping around.


Storing opened pumpkin puree is a simple process that can be done in two ways: freezing or refrigerating. Both methods preserve your leftover pumpkin puree for future use while ensuring its freshness and quality are maintained. Whichever method you choose, remember to properly label your storage containers with date and contents so you know when to use them by! You’ll never waste another drop again – happy baking!

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