The Best Way to Store Oranges in Your Fridge: Tips and Tricks

Oranges are a delicious and nutritious fruit that are available throughout the year. They are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a popular choice for health-conscious consumers. However, to keep oranges fresh and juicy for longer periods of time, it’s important to store them properly.

The Best Way To Store Oranges In The Fridge

If you want to maximize the shelf-life of your oranges while preserving their taste and quality, then storing them in the fridge is your best bet. Here is how you can do it:

Select Fresh Oranges

To start with proper storage of oranges in the fridge begins with selecting fresh ones from the store or market. Look out for firm fruits without soft spots or bruises.

Clean And Dry Your Fruit Drawer

Before placing your oranges in the refrigerator make sure that your fruit drawer is clean and dry from any moisture residue or dirt which can lead to contamination.

Avoid Keeping Them With Other Fruits

It’s recommended not to throw all kinds of fruits into one basket as this may cause damage on each other due to ethylene gas produced by some types like apples which accelerate ripening causing spoilage faster.

Place Them In A Plastic Bag Or Wrap Them In Foil Paper.

Wrap each orange individually in plastic bags or foil paper before putting them into the crisper drawer as this will prevent any air from getting inside thus extending their shelf life span.

Store Whole Orange Instead Of Cut-Up Ones.

Whole uncutup pieces last longer than cutting up slices because once cut they become exposed hence more prone susceptible towards spoiling rapidly

Tips For Preserving Quality Of Stored Oranges.

Here are some tips on how you can maintain freshness when storing oranges in your refrigerator:

Store Oranges In The Right Temperature

The ideal temperature for storing oranges is between 32 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid placing them on the door or near the freezer compartment, as these areas are prone to temperature fluctuations.

Avoid Stacking Them On Top Of Each Other.

When storing your oranges, try not to stack them too high as this puts pressure on each other leading to damage and spoilage.

Keep An eye On Your Fruits And Discard Spoiled Ones.

Check regularly for any signs of spoilage such as mold, discoloration or softness and discard if found. This will prevent any further contamination from spreading onto others.


Storing oranges properly in the fridge helps keep them fresh longer while preserving their taste and quality. Following these simple tips can help you achieve that goal easily without much hassle ensuring maximum enjoyment of your favorite fruit all year round!

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