Effective Ways to Store Your Outdoor Toys for a Clutter-Free Space

Are you tired of constantly tripping over outdoor toys scattered throughout your yard? Or maybe you’re frustrated with the constant need to replace toys that have been damaged by the elements. Storing outdoor toys can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for keeping your outdoor toys organized and protected.

Assess Your Storage Needs

First things first – take an inventory of your outdoor toy collection. Determine which items need to be stored away during certain times of the year or when not in use. Consider where you will store these items – do you have space in a garage or shed, or will they need to be kept outside? Once you have a clear idea of what needs to be stored and where it will go, you can determine what storage solutions are best suited for your needs.

Invest in Durable Storage Containers

Investing in durable storage containers is key when storing outdoor toys. Look for containers made from materials such as heavy-duty plastic or weather-resistant fabric. These materials will help protect toys from rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. Additionally, make sure containers are large enough to accommodate larger items such as bikes and ride-on cars.

Label Everything

Before packing away any outdoor toy, label each container clearly with its contents using a permanent marker or label maker. This way, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for without having to dig through multiple boxes.

Consider Wall-Mounted Solutions

If space is limited inside a garage or shed, consider wall-mounted solutions like hooks and racks designed specifically for sports equipment such as bicycles and skateboards. These types of storage options allow toys to stay off the ground while also saving valuable floor space.

Clean Toys Before Storage

Before packing away any outdoor toy, make sure they are clean and dry. This helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew inside storage containers, which can damage toys over time. Use a mild soap and water to clean toys before allowing them to completely air dry.

Protect Toys From Sun Damage

Sun damage can quickly deteriorate plastic outdoor toys such as slides and playhouses. If storing these items outside, consider covering them with a tarp or investing in specifically designed covers that will protect against UV rays.


Storing outdoor toys doesn’t have to be a headache. By assessing your storage needs, investing in durable containers, labeling everything clearly, considering wall-mounted solutions for limited space, cleaning toys before storage,and protecting against sun damage you’ll be well on your way to an organized and protected collection of outdoor playthings!

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