Best Practices for Storing Paint Rollers Between Coats

When painting a room, it’s essential to use a paint roller for an even and smooth finish. However, what do you do when you need to take break between coats? Leaving the roller lying around can result in damage or drying out of the paintbrush. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to store your paint roller correctly between coats.

Clean Your Roller First

Before storing your paint roller for any length of time, clean it thoroughly with water or mineral spirits if using oil-based paints. Be sure to remove as much excess paint as possible by scraping off any remaining product on the brush surface.

Don’t Let It Dry Out

The most crucial step in storing a paint roller is avoiding letting it dry out completely. If the brush dries up entirely due to improper storage, it will be challenging if not impossible to get it back into working condition again. To avoid this happening:

Wrap It Up Tight

To keep your roller fresh and ready-to-use stored away from potential environmental factors that could affect its quality like air temperature humidity dust etc., wrap tightly with plastic cling film so no air gets inside

Store The Wrapped Roller At Room Temperature

Once wrapped tightly in cling film place at room temperature location with good ventilation where severe changes are unlikely (e.g., extreme heat/cold/humidity).

Use A Paint Tray Liner For Convenience

A great way of having easy access back into painting after taking breaks is by using tray liners that fit neatly inside even disposable ones available at most hardware stores. After finishing up each layer prime coat color & topcoat dispose liner save yourself cleaning hassle while keeping a clean work area.

If you are looking for ways on how best store rollers during long periods without usage consider these simple tricks; they will help maintain them until next project comes along while making sure quality stays intact. So, next time you take a break during your painting project, remember to store your paint roller safely and correctly using the methods mentioned above, ensuring that it stays fresh and ready-to-use every time you go back to painting!

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