The Ultimate Guide to Storing Paper Towels for Optimal Use and Convenience

Paper towels are a staple in many households and workplaces. They are used for cleaning spills, wiping down surfaces, and drying hands. But how do you properly store paper towels to ensure they stay fresh and clean? In this blog post, we’ll explore the best ways to store paper towels.

1. Keep them dry

Moisture is the enemy of paper products, including paper towels. It can cause them to become soggy or even moldy. That’s why it’s important to keep your paper towel storage area dry.

If you’re storing your paper towels in a cabinet or pantry, make sure that space is free from any leaks or moisture buildup. If you notice any dampness in the area, address it immediately before placing your paper towel rolls inside.

TIP: Use desiccant packets

Desiccant packets absorb moisture from the air around them. You can purchase these online or at home goods stores and place them near your stored rolls of paper towels for added protection against moisture.

2. Store them away from direct sunlight

Exposure to sunlight can cause some types of paper products to fade or discolor over time – including some brands of disposable napkins and tablecloths as well as some varieties of facial tissue!

To avoid this issue with your rolls of kitchen roll/paper towel; simply store them out of direct sunlight – whether that means tucking them into a pantry shelf/behind another object which would minimise contact with light coming through windows e.t.c

TIP: Consider opaque storage options

If you have open shelves where you’d like to store your kitchen roll (paper towel), consider using opaque bins/baskets – This will help block out light without having hide everything individually behind other objects on shelves such as jars / cans etc.

3.Watch out for temperature extremes

Extreme temperatures can also be problematic for paper products. If your storage area is too hot or too cold, it could cause the rolls of paper towels to become brittle and break apart easily.

While you’re storing them, make sure they’re kept in a space that’s around room temperature (68-72°F /20-22°C) – this will keep your rolls pliable enough to use without breaking/crumbling upon contact with any surface at hand.

TIP: Store extras in a cool/dry place

If you have more than one roll of paper towel – consider storing extras on a different shelf/area, perhaps even in another room. This allows you to rotate the oldest roll first and ensure that each unused roll stays fresh until needed.

4. Keep Them Sealed

Lastly; After opening new packs of kitchen tissue/paper towel, It’s important you re-seal them well using plastic wrap or an elastic band before placing back into cabinet/shelf etc. The goal is to help prevent air from circulating into the packaging and causing damage/moisture buildup over time which is not good for paper products like these!

TIP: Use Quality Packaging if Available!

Consider purchasing brands that come with quality packaging/sealing such as Ziploc bags – These would last longer when stored away properly having been sealed off from air exposure after initial usage.

In conclusion; Properly stored kitchen tissue/paper towel can go a long way towards ensuring their longevity and effectiveness during use as well! By following some simple steps outlined here – keeping things dry/sealed, avoiding direct sunlight/extreme temps while having rotation system handy where possible so the oldest used up first…You’ll have plenty of absorbent sheets at hand whenever spills occur!

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