The Ultimate Guide to Storing Pasta in Mylar Bags: Tips and Tricks

Pasta is a staple food in many households worldwide. It’s easy to prepare, versatile and can be stored for long periods. However, storing pasta using traditional methods might not guarantee its freshness and longevity compared to using Mylar bags. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can store your pasta in Mylar bags.

What are Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags are made of polyester film laminated with aluminum foil that provides an excellent barrier against oxygen, moisture, and light. These properties make it ideal for preserving food items such as pasta for prolonged periods without losing their quality.

Why use Mylar Bags to Store Pasta?

Mylar bags provide an excellent storage solution for pasta because:

– They protect against air and moisture: Oxygen exposure may cause rancidity or spoilage of the pasta while moisture may promote mold growth.
– They keep pests away: Bugs like weevils thrive in warm environments; therefore storing your pasta in a cool dry place inside a Mylar bag will keep them at bay.
– They extend the shelf life: Since mylar bags block out oxygen, they prevent oxidation from occurring which keeps the flavor fresh and extends shelf life.

How to Store Pasta Using Mylar Bags?

Here is a simple guide on how you can store your dried pasta using mylar bags:

1) Get Your Supplies Ready
You’ll need:
– Dried uncooked pasta
– Food-grade Mylar Bag
-Sealing equipment (Iron box or heat sealer)
-Oxygen Absorbers

2) Prepare Your Pasta
Ensure that the dried uncooked paste is clean by rinsing it under running water then drain off any excess water before packing into your mylars

3) Get Your Oxygen Absorbers Ready
Oxygen absorber packets contain iron powder that absorbs any oxygen in the bag. One 500cc absorber can absorb all the oxygen in a one-gallon Mylar bag effectively.

4) Seal Your Mylar Bag
Place your pasta inside the mylar bag and add an oxygen absorber packet then seal it. Use a heat sealer or iron box to seal the top of your mylars bags quickly.

5) Store Your Pasta
Once you have packed your pasta, label each mylar with its contents (pasta), date, and expiry date. Find a cool dry place away from sunlight where you’ll keep them for prolonged periods


Using Mylar bags provides an efficient way to store dried uncooked pasta for long periods without losing quality. Follow these easy steps to ensure your pasta remains fresh and safe from pests’ infestation by using mylars bags as storage containers. Don’t let poor storage ruin perfectly good food; switch to using Mylar today!

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