Expert Tips for Properly Storing Port Wine After Opening

Port wine is a popular variety of fortified wines that originates from Portugal. It is known for its rich, sweet and fruity taste. Port wine can be enjoyed on special occasions or as an after-dinner drink. After opening a bottle of port wine, it’s essential to store it properly to maintain its quality and flavour.

Why Proper Storage Is Important?

Proper storage is important to preserve the quality and taste of your favourite port wine. Exposure to air can cause oxidation, which leads to loss of aroma, flavour and colour in your wine. Moreover, fluctuating temperatures can also affect the chemical composition of the wine and alter its taste.

The Basics Of Storing Opened Port Wine

To ensure the longevity of your opened port wine bottle, follow these basic steps:

  • Re-cork or reseal the original cap tightly immediately after use.
  • Store it upright instead of laying on its side like unopened bottles.
  • Avoid storing near a heat source such as stove-tops or ovens.
  • Pick an appropriate temperature-controlled environment where humidity levels are moderate – preferably between 12-16°C (54-61°F).

The Different Methods Of Preserving Opened Port Wine

If you have plans for finishing up your opened bottle within two days after opening:

You don’t need any fancy preservation equipment if you plan only drinking small amounts over a couple days. Resealing with cork or screw-top caps should do fine.

If you want more time without compromising quality:

Use vacuum pump devices: Such tools suck out excess air from inside the bottle by creating an ideal vacuum-sealed environment while preserving aromas and flavours efficiently.

Wine stoppers: Made up silicone plugs that fit into standard sized bottles’ opening. They act as a barrier to air, keeping the wine’s quality intact.

Argon gas sprays: Argon is heavier than oxygen and thus forms a layer above your port wine, preventing oxidation from occurring.

Additional Tips For Storing Opened Port Wine

  • Avoid exposing your opened port wine to direct sunlight or bright lights.
  • If you store in an environment where humidity levels are higher than normal, be wary of mould formation around the cork.
  • If you have decanted your port wine before consuming it and want to store what remains in another bottle; make sure that it has no other aromas – make sure that the storage bottle is thoroughly cleaned beforehand.


In summary, storing any type of open wines correctly preserves its quality for longer periods without affecting their taste or aroma. Even after opening a bottle of deliciously sweet Port Wine , with proper storage techniques like resealing tightly immediately after use & refrigerating if needed – one can enjoy its flavoursome richness over extended periods without worry!

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