Storing Potted Dahlias for Winter: A Complete Guide

Dahlias are beautiful flowers that bloom in late summer and fall, but what do you do with them when the weather turns cold? Storing potted dahlias for winter is a great way to keep these plants healthy and ready to bloom again next year. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to store potted dahlias for winter.

When to Store Dahlias

The best time to store potted dahlias for winter is after the first frost has killed off the foliage. This usually happens in late October or early November. You’ll want to give your plants enough time after their last bloom before cutting back the foliage so they can fully recoup energy stores.

Cut Back Foliage

Once leaves have been blackened by frost, cut all of them down near soil level using pruners or scissors.

Dig Up The Tubers

Dig up tubers from pots immediately after foliage dies back completely; if left too long exposed it may freeze solid during winters.
Shake off any excess dirt and remove as much debris (dead leaves etc.) as possible without damaging any roots remaining intact on each tuber

Clean And Inspect The Tubers

Wash the clumps of dahlia tubers carefully under running water until they’re clean.
Inspect each clump closely for rotting or other damage that could reduce its chances of surviving storage; Cut away any damaged areas on each individual tuber with sharp scissors or knife–be sure not damage eyes growing out from center core of each If there’s serious sign then discard those ones rather than storing them along with rest .

Drying Process

Dry clumps of cleaned-up dahlia thoroughly by placing them upside down so air can flow around them for at least 24 hours. This will help prevent rot and fungus growth.

Storage Preparation

Once clumps are completely dry, trim off any straggling roots or stems that could get in the way of storage; then, wrap each one lightly with newspaper before placing it into a cardboard box–be sure not to overcrowd individual tubers within boxes layered on top each other as they might crush while stacked together.

Temperature And Humidity Levels

When you’ve packed all your dahlias away neatly into their boxes, find an area that’s cool yet stays above freezing point (around 40 degrees Fahrenheit)—like a basement or crawl space–and store them inside.
The humidity level should be low enough so as to avoid frost buildup; but high enough which prevents tubers from drying out altogether.

The Bottom Line

Storing potted dahlias for winter is easy, just follow these simple steps we’ve shared here today! Remember to cut back the foliage after the first frost and dig up the tubers right away. Then clean and inspect each one thoroughly before drying, wrapping in newspaper, and storing in a cool place with low humidity levels.

With proper care during storage time over winters months ahead ,these bright flowers will come back stronger than ever when planted again next season!

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