How to Store Pressed Flowers: Tips and Techniques for Long-Lasting Beauty

Pressed flowers are a beautiful way to preserve the beauty of spring and summer blooms all year round. Whether you’ve picked them from your garden or a walk in nature, storing pressed flowers correctly is key to ensuring they retain their vibrancy for as long as possible.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Before you start pressing your flowers, it’s important to choose the right types of blooms. Not all plants dry well and some will fade more quickly than others. Roses, daisies, pansies, and forget-me-nots are just a few examples of flowers that work well when pressed.

Pick Them at the Right Time

When picking flowers for pressing purposes make sure they’re at their peak stage; not too young nor too old. The ideal time is when the buds have just opened up fully but before they start wilting.

Avoid Moisture

It’s best to pick them on a dry day with no moisture present around the flower stems. This will help prevent mold growth during storage.

The Pressing Process

Clean Your Blooms First

Before starting off with any process or method clean each bloom by wiping away dirt particles using soft bristle brushes like paintbrushes

Select Your Pressing Method Carefully

There are two most common methods used in pressing: traditional book-pressing method and modern electronic flower presses

Book-Pressing Method involves placing fresh-picked blooms between pages of absorbent paper within heavy books weighing down on top until dried out completely over days/weeks depending on weather conditions while Electronic Flower Presses automate this process using heat plates that press water out within hours instead of waiting days on end!

No matter which method you choose ensure petals do not overlap & there’s enough space between layers so they can dry uniformly without getting crushed.

Storing Your Pressed Flowers

Absorbent Material is Key

Store your pressed flowers in an airtight container to prevent dust particles from settling on the blooms. Choose an absorbent material like tissue paper or wax paper to wrap and place between each layer of the flower stack before storing them away.

This will help wick away any excess moisture, so you don’t end up with moldy or discolored blooms when it’s time to display them later on!

Keep Them Away From Sunlight and Moisture

Avoid direct sunlight exposure since sunlight can quickly fade even the most vibrant colors over time. Keep your pressed flowers in cool, dark areas free from moisture such as basements or attics where there may be high humidity levels that could cause discoloration or deterioration over time.

Make sure to check regularly for any signs of dampness and if present remove immediately & reposition using new absorbent papers.

The Bottom Line

Preserving flowers through pressing allows us to hold onto those memories special moments forever. But this requires proper care when selecting, pressing, and storing blooms post-pressing. By following these simple steps outlined above, anyone can successfully store their pressed flowers for years without losing their vibrancy!

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