Best Practices for Storing Pumpkins After Harvest

As Halloween draws near, pumpkins become an essential decorative item. However, choosing and carving a pumpkin is not the end of the story. There is one more important step that many forget or overlook: storing the pumpkin! Pumpkins need to be stored correctly after picking to ensure their freshness and longevity. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about how to store pumpkins once picked.

Choose a Good Pumpkin

Before learning how to store your pumpkin after picking it, let’s first look at how to choose a good pumpkin. Always select a ripe pumpkin with no blemishes or soft spots on its surface. The stem should be firm, dry and attached securely as well. Also don’t pick up any pumpkins with frost damage; they can rot easily when exposed.

Clean Your Pumpkin First

After bringing your chosen pumpkin home, clean it properly before storage by wiping away any dirt using a damp cloth or sponge with mild soap in lukewarm water if required.

Keep It Dry

Once you’ve wiped it down thoroughly use another cloth or paper towel for drying out moisture from all sides of the skin before keeping it in storage since these conditions lead us towards bacterial growth which will then start decaying our beloved halloween asset!

Avoid Direct Sunlight & Freezing Temperatures

Pumpkin likes cool temperatures ranging between 50°F-60°F (10°C -16°C) so avoid exposure from direct sunlight accordingly.Likewise,don’t expose them towards freezing temperatures either otherwise they’ll start getting mushy,soggy & dehydrated turning into an unpleasant mess afterwards.

Select An Ideal Storage Environment

The ideal location for storing your pumpkins would be somewhere cool and dry with low humidity levels.Any place that has proper air ventilation like inside cupboards, garages or basements are good options as long as it’s not too damp and moist. Your pumpkin should be kept away from direct sunlight, water ,heat sources & fruits that emit ethylene gas like apples etc. which can speed up the process of decay.

Wrap Them Up

Wrapping your pumpkin with plastic cling wrap is a great way to keep out air and moisture while retaining its natural freshness! It also helps prevent fungal growths from forming on the surface since creating an enclosed environment lowers the chances of bacteria development thus keeping it all perfect for Halloween!

In conclusion, storing your pumpkins after picking them correctly will help increase their longevity lasting till Halloween safely! Just remember to choose a solid healthy one first by examining it carefully before bringing home then cleaning and drying thoroughly followed by placing inside plastic wrapping in ideal storage conditions away from heat,cold,direct sunlight & ethylene emitting fruits.Happy decorating!

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