How to Store Raspberries in Mason Jars: A Complete Guide

Raspberries are a delicious fruit that can be used in many recipes, from jams and sauces to smoothies and desserts. They’re also high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you have an abundance of raspberries or want to preserve them for later use, one option is storing them in mason jars. In this blog post, we’ll cover how to store raspberries in mason jars effectively.

Why Mason Jars?

Mason jars are a popular choice for food storage because they’re durable, reusable, and seal tightly. When properly sealed, mason jars can keep your food fresh for an extended period without the need for preservatives or chemicals.

Choosing the Right Size

Before you start filling your mason jar with raspberries, make sure you choose the right size jar. Raspberries tend to crush easily if packed too tightly together. So it’s better to opt for smaller-sized jars rather than larger ones.

A pint-sized jar is usually ideal as it provides enough space between berries while keeping them compact. However; if you prefer larger berries with less packing density then quart-sized would work well too!

Preparing Your Raspberries

For best results when storing raspberries in glass containers such as mason jars it is important that they are clean before putting them into any kind of storage container especially ones like glass where mold can grow more readily if not cleaned properly beforehand

Washing Your Berries

The first step involves washing your raspberries thoroughly before getting started on preparing your glass container(s). Make sure there’s no dirt or debris left behind from harvesting by rinsing under cold water gently until all traces of dirt have been removed.

Once washed pat dry using paper towels or a kitchen towel so that excess moisture doesn’t cause any molding inside our glass container(s).

Sorting Your Berries

After washing and drying your raspberries, sort through them to remove any damaged or overripe berries that could spoil the other berries in the jar. This step is important as a contaminated berry can quickly spread mold spores to others.

Filling Your Mason Jars

Now that you have clean, sorted raspberries it’s time to start filling your mason jars!

Layering Your Berries

Start by layering your raspberries one at a time into the jar until full. As mentioned earlier avoid packing them too tightly together so they don’t crush each other; instead try leaving some gaps between individual pieces of fruit.

The next step involves pouring sugar over our layered berries which will help preserve their fresh flavor longer than if we didn’t use this method

Sealing The Lid on Tightly

Once all of our layers are complete, place lid onto jar tightly and store in refrigerator for up 5 days! If you want longer storage ensure proper vacuum-sealed with an air-tight sealant like paraffin wax before storing in cool location such as root cellar or pantry!


Mason jars provide an effective way to store Raspberries for later use without sacrificing freshness or quality. By following these simple steps outlined above, you can easily prepare and store your own delicious raspberries inside mason jars. So grab some fresh picked Raspberries today and get started preserving right away!

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