How to Store Ratchet Straps: Expert Tips for Proper Storage

Ratchet straps are a popular tool for securing loads during transportation. Whether you’re a professional truck driver or just doing some DIY project, ratchet straps can be very useful in keeping your cargo safe and secure. However, after using these straps, you must store them properly to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. In this post, we will discuss some tips on how to store ratchet straps.

Keep Ratchet Straps Clean

Before storing your ratchet straps, it’s important to keep them clean. Dirt and debris left on the straps can cause wear and tear over time. It’s best to rinse the dirt off with soap and water if needed before hanging them out to dry.

How To Clean Ratchet Straps

To clean ratchet straps properly follow these steps:

1) Lay the strap flat
2) Spray soapy water onto the strap
3) Use a soft-bristled brush or sponge (avoid using abrasive materials)
4) Scrub gently along the length of the strap
5) Rinse thoroughly with cold running water.
6) Hang up in an open space until completely dried

Store Them Tightly Rolled Up

Once they are cleaned up, it’s essential that you roll up all parts tightly together while eliminating any twists as they may create weak spots that will lead to tears or damage later.

Tips for Rolling Up Your Ratchets Correctly:

1- Align all hooks.

* Make sure all hooks point towards each other ensuring easier storage

2- Reel in Excess Strap

* Some people tend not tuck away excess loose ends which could potentially get caught on things when stored incorrectly creating more issues down-the-line.

4- Roll It Tight

* Ensure there are no twists & roll as tight as possible without putting too much stress on the mechanism.

5- Store Them in a Dry Place

Keep them away from sun and heat exposure

Direct sunlight and excessive heat may cause damage to ratchet straps over time. It is, therefore, important to store your ratchet straps in a cool and dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Direct sun rays might degrade the webbing material while high temperature could impair the mechanisms of these straps.

Where should you store them?

To keep them safe and undamaged for long periods consider keeping them off-the-ground using hooks or hangers inside an enclosed storage area like a garage or shed if they are available.


Storing ratchet straps properly ensures their longevity and effectiveness during future use. By following these simple tips outlined above cleaning correctly, rolling tightly, storing in cool & dry places will help prolong their life span tremendously saving you time & money down-the-road!

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