Tips for Properly Storing Raw Milk

Raw milk is an incredibly nutritious and delicious beverage that has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. However, due to its perishable nature, it’s important to know how to properly store raw milk in order to keep it fresh and safe for consumption.

Why Raw Milk Needs Proper Storage

Raw milk is a natural product that comes straight from the cow without being processed or pasteurized. It contains beneficial bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which can help boost your immune system and overall health.

However, because raw milk hasn’t gone through any treatment process like pasteurization or homogenization, it carries some risk of bacterial contamination such as E.coli or salmonella. Therefore proper storage practices are crucial to prevent these harmful bacteria from growing in the liquid.

Choose The Right Container

One of the most important aspects of storing raw milk is choosing the correct container. Glass bottles are considered one of the best choices since they don’t leach chemicals into the milk that plastic containers would do over time when exposed to UV light.

When shopping around for glass bottles ensure you pick those with tight fitting lids that create a reliable seal against air infiltration which causes spoilage; this can also be achieved using wide mouth mason jars with screw-on rings and lids which are readily available at grocery stores near you.

Make sure you clean your bottle thoroughly before use by washing them with hot water (no soap) then sterilizing them using boiling water technique especially if you’re reusing old ones that might have accumulated microorganisms over time on their surfaces

Avoid Direct Sunlight And High Temperatures

Raw Milk should not be stored anywhere close sunlight exposure as well heat – this will cause unwanted changes both chemically and biologically affecting flavor profile leading up faster spoilage periods than usual.

A cool environment such as fridge temperatures between 33-40°F is the ideal storage temperature as it will slow down bacterial growth and keep your raw milk fresh for a longer time.

How Long Can You Store Raw Milk?

Raw milk has a shorter shelf life compared to pasteurized or homogenized milk. Typically, properly stored raw milk can last up 10 days under refrigeration before it starts to spoil.

However, always check for any signs of spoilage such as changes in color, texture, taste or smell which indicates that the bacteria has already started growing; if this occurs then you should discard it immediately.

Maintaining Consistent Temperatures

When storing raw milk in your fridge ensure that the bottle is not placed next to other items that may cause temperature fluctuation. Do not store near vents; do not put them on doors because they are prone to getting warmer than other parts of fridges

Always make sure you place your bottles upright rather than lying horizontally since this prevents damage and also makes sure the cream line stays evenly distributed throughout every serving.

In conclusion, knowing how to properly store raw milk is crucial for keeping its nutrient density and freshness intact while avoiding harmful bacterial infections. By following these tips on container choice and proper storage practices like placement away from direct sunlight or heat sources such as ovens helps prolong its shelf life at optimum levels keeping you healthy!

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