How to Properly Store Royal Icing Cookies for Long-Lasting Freshness

Royal icing cookies are a popular treat for all occasions. Whether you’re making them for a special occasion or just to satisfy your sweet tooth, it’s important to properly store them to ensure their freshness and longevity. In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips on how to store royal icing cookies.

Why is Proper Storage Important?

Proper storage of royal icing cookies ensures that they stay fresh and look their best. Without proper storage, your cookies may become stale or lose their shape and texture. This can impact the taste and presentation of the cookie, which can be disappointing if you’ve spent time decorating them.

The Importance of Air-Tight Containers

One key factor in storing royal icing cookies is using air-tight containers. This will help prevent moisture from getting into the container, which can cause the cookies to become soft or sticky. One option is to use plastic containers with tight-fitting lids that lock in place.

Paper Towels as Absorbents

Another tip is to add paper towels as an absorbent layer between each layer of cookies in the container. This helps absorb any excess moisture and prevents the cookies from sticking together.

Refrigerating Royal Icing Cookies

Some bakers prefer refrigerating their royal icing cookies for storage purposes; however, this isn’t necessary for short-term storage (up to 5 days). If you choose to refrigerate your royal icing cookies long-term (more than 5 days), make sure they are stored properly so they don’t dry out.

How Long Can You Store Them?

When stored correctly at room temperature in an air-tight container with paper towel layers between each cookie layer, royal icing cookies can last up to two weeks without losing quality or freshness.

However, if you want to extend their shelf life, refrigeration is an option. Cookies stored in the fridge can last up to a month.

Freezing Royal Icing Cookies

If you don’t plan on eating your cookies right away and want to keep them for longer-term storage; freezing them is an excellent idea. To freeze royal icing cookies, place layers of cookies in plastic containers with tight-fitting lids, or wrap each cookie individually with plastic wrap and store them in freezer bags.

The Process of Defrosting Frozen Royal Icing Cookies

When it’s time to eat your frozen royal icing cookies, remove the container from the freezer and let it sit at room temperature until they are completely defrosted before removing them from the container. This helps prevent condensation which could cause the decorations on your cookies to soften or bleed.


Storing royal icing cookies properly will help maintain their freshness and appearance. Always use air-tight containers when storing your decorated treats either at room temperature or refrigerated, add paper towels between layers of cookies as absorbents and be sure not to stack too many layers of cookies together. If long term storage is desired then freezing would be preferred over refrigerating since proper thawing can restore the original quality of these delightful creations!

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