The Ultimate Guide to Storing Runes in Elden Ring

If you’re an avid player of Elden Ring, you know that Runes play a crucial role in the game. They offer various enhancements to your character’s abilities and stats, so it’s important to keep them organized and easily accessible. In this blog post, we’ll discuss different ways on how to store runes in Elden Ring.

Understanding Runes

Before diving into storage options, let’s have a quick rundown about what runes are and their purpose. In Elden Ring, there are four types of runes: Attack, Defense, Utility, and Power. Each Rune provides unique benefits such as increasing attack power or reducing damage taken from enemies.

Players can equip up to three Runes at once which gives a total boost for each category of either Attack or Defense or any combination thereof depending on the chosen mix.

Storing Runes in Your Inventory

One easy way to store your runes is by placing them directly into your inventory. Simply press the start button (or options button) on your controller then select “Inventory” from the menu screen.

From here you can scroll down until you find all the available rune slots where they will be placed once picked up during gameplay. You can also organize them according to type or rarity by using sorting options found within the same menu interface.

Sorting Options

You may choose several sorting formats for organizing your items in inventory like Type (Attack/Defense/Utility/Power), Rarity (Common/Rare/Legendary), Name Alphabetically A-Z/Z-A

Create A Dedicated Rune Storage Box

Another option is creating a dedicated Rune storage box right inside one of your bases within the game world itself! This method helps ensure that all runic artifacts remain safe when not being used actively while still being within reach at any given time without having its clutter take over precious personal inventory space.

Simply place a box somewhere within your base where it can be easily accessed. From there, arrange your runes according to category or however you see fit for quick retrieval later on when needed!

Organization Ideas

An idea for organization could be to separate each type of rune into its own section so that they’re easy to find in the future. You might also consider sorting by rarity if you have many different runes collected as well!

Create A Rune Display Wall

Why not showcase all your hard-earned runes within Elden Ring? Create a display wall where you can both access and admire them at the same time! This option serves both aesthetic and practical purposes alike, providing an inspiring backdrop while also offering ready access whenever necessary.

It’s highly recommended using an empty wall space inside one of your bases or building structures specifically dedicated just for displaying all those elusive little magical artifacts found throughout various in-game adventures thus far!

Showcasing Runes by Type

You may choose grouping all similar types together like Attack/Defense/Utility/Power showing off their unique differences!

In conclusion, storing runes doesn’t need to be complicated. By following these tips and tricks, players will have an organized system allowing them ease of use when playing Elden Ring. Whether through creating a storage box or showcasing them on a display wall – it’s up to personal preference how best suits the individual player’s style!

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