Expert Tips on Storing Scallions for Optimal Freshness and Flavor

Scallions, also known as green onions or spring onions, are a tasty addition to many dishes. They add an onion-like flavor without being overpowering and can be used raw in salads or cooked into soups, stews, and stir-fries. But as with any fresh produce, scallions need to be stored properly to keep them fresh for longer.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to store scallions and how to ensure that they stay crisp and flavorful for as long as possible.

Why is it important to store scallions correctly?

Storing scallions correctly is essential because it helps maintain their freshness and flavor. If not stored properly, they can wilt quickly or become too soft which affects their texture and taste. By following these guidelines on storing your scallions you’ll enjoy their delicious taste even longer.

Choose Quality Scallions

When buying scallions at the grocery store, choose ones that feel firm when squeezed gently. The outer layer of the bulb should be dry but not flaky while the tops should look vibrant green.

Avoid those with yellowing leaves or slimy bulbs; this could mean that they have been sitting on the shelf for too long which reduces its quality.

Store Scallion Bulbs Separately From Tops

One common mistake people make when storing scallions is by leaving them tied together at home just like how it appears in grocery stores. This isn’t ideal since moisture from one part can easily travel through another causing spoilage faster than necessary

To avoid this issue separate your greens from your whites of each individual stalk after cleaning them thoroughly first!

The easiest way I’ve found is by trimming off about 1 inch off both ends using a sharp knife then cutting horizontally between white base section (bulb) and green top section.

Wrap Scallions in Paper Towels or Cloth

After separating the greens from the white bulbs, wrap both sections separately using paper towels or a clean cloth before storing them. This will help absorb excess moisture that can cause spoilage to occur too quickly.

Be sure not to squeeze them too tight as this could crush tender leaves and ends resulting in damage that’ll make it go bad faster instead of prolonging its freshness

Store Your Wrapped Scallions In The Fridge

Now that your scallions are bundled up nicely, pop them into an air-tight container or even better, a resealable plastic bag. You can store your wrapped scallion either lying flat on a shelf in the fridge or stand upright inside glass jars filled with water like cut flowers!

The best temperature for storing scallions is at around 32-36°F (or 0-2°C). One last tip to keep things organized: label each bundle with the date you stored it so you know which ones should be used first.


Storing your scallions correctly helps maintain their freshness and flavor longer while also preventing waste. Follow these simple steps mentioned above when storing your green onions properly at home; choose fresh quality produce at purchase time, separate bulb from tops, wrap gently using paper towel/cloth then place inside an air-tight container/resealable plastic bag before keeping them refrigerated.

With proper storage techniques for scallions, they’ll stay crisp and flavorful much longer giving us more opportunities to use this versatile ingredient!

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