Effective Tips for Storing Shoes in Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes are one of the most commonly used storage solutions for shoes. They help protect your shoes from dust, dirt and other elements that can damage them over time. However, simply throwing your shoes in a shoe box may not be enough to keep them looking their best. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to store shoes in shoe boxes.

Choose the Right Shoe Box

Before you start storing your shoes in shoe boxes, it is important to choose the right type of box. Look for sturdy boxes made from materials such as plastic or cardboard. Avoid using flimsy or weak containers as they may collapse under the weight of your shoes.

Size Matters

Make sure you choose a box that is appropriate for the size of your footwear. If you have larger sized shoes, make sure the box is deep enough to accommodate them comfortably.

Ventilation is Key

Opt for shoe boxes with ventilation holes to allow air circulation which helps prevent mold growth and odors.

Clean Your Shoes Before Storage

It’s important to clean your shoes before storing them away in a shoebox. Dirt and sweat left on the soles or inside can lead to molds and bad smells developing during storage time.

Use a damp cloth or towel along with mild soap if necessary – but avoid detergent that can strip off essential oils from leather and suede materials- wipe down all parts until dry then let air-dry completely before putting back together

Also remove any loose debris like pebbles stuck at bottom crevices

If there are scuffs on leather material be gentle when rubbing them out gently with eraser or old toothbrush dipped into baking soda paste (mix 1 part water-1 part baking soda)

For suede material use soft brush after drying

If still damp, stuff them with old newspapers or tissue paper to absorb excess moisture.

Organize Your Shoe Box

Now that your shoes are clean and dry, it is time to organize them in the shoe box.

Pairs together

Keep pairs of shoes together – this saves time when searching for footwear as you will know where both pieces are located

Stuff with Paper or Extra Material

Insert tissues paper , cotton balls or old fabric scraps inside each shoe to help keep their shape intact. This also ensures that they don’t get crushed under the weight of other items stored on top.

For boots fill up empty space and create a boot tree by rolling magazine pages into cylinders then wrapping them around middle section placing another one perpendicular over it then slide down into boot’s shaft until snug against walls

You can even use cardboard inserts if available (like from original packaging) which give extra support while being eco-friendly!

Labeling and Storage

Finally, label the boxes clearly so you can easily identify what’s inside at a glance without having to open each up every time. Then stack your neatly organized boxes in wardrobe closet or under bed for long-term storage- but avoid directly sunlight-filled areas as UV rays might damage materials- cool dry place like basement works fine too!

In Conclusion, using a shoe box is an excellent way of keeping your shoes safe and preserved during periods when not in use . By following these guidelines when storing away your favorite pair(s), you’ll save cleaning effort next season plus enjoy fresh smelling foot ware all year round!

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