Efficient Ways to Store Your Skateboards and Keep Them Organized

If you are a skateboard enthusiast and own multiple skateboards, then finding an appropriate way to store them is essential. Skateboards can take up a lot of space in your room or garage if not organized properly, making it difficult to move around and potentially causing damage. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective ways to store your skateboards.

Wall-mounted skateboard racks

One of the most popular ways to store your skateboards is by utilizing wall-mounted racks. These are easy to install and can hold multiple boards at once while taking up very little floor space. You can find skateboard racks that are designed specifically for holding longboard decks or standard sized boards.

How to install a wall-mounted rack?

Before installing any rack, ensure that the area chosen has enough space for all of your boards and offers adequate support for mounting the board-holding hooks. Most kits come with mounting hardware such as screws and anchors required to secure the rack onto the wall studs.

1) Measure out where you want your new skateboard mount on the wall
2) Drill holes into each mark
3) Attach brackets using screws
4) Hang Mount

Closet storage

Another great option for storing your skateboards is utilizing closet storage solutions such as hanging organizers or cubby shelves. This method allows you to keep your gear out of sight when not in use while also saving valuable floor space.

How do I set up Closet Storage?

To get started with closet storage solutions:

1) Evaluate how many skateboards need storing
2) Determine what types & sizes of gear need accommodating.
3) Decide what style shelving works best – hanging organizer vs cubby.
4) Install shelving as per instructions from manufacturer

Note: If choosing a hanger type, ensure the hangers chosen are sturdy enough to support the weight of your boards.

Under-the-bed skateboard storage

If you have limited space and no room for a freestanding rack or wall-mounted option, consider using under-the-bed storage. This method is perfect if you only have one or two skateboards that need storing.

What do I need for Under-The-Bed Storage?

1) A clear area underneath your bed
2) A long and slim plastic container or specialized skateboard storage container
3) Measure to ensure fit

When choosing an under-the-bed storage solution, pay attention to dimensions so it can accommodate your needs correctly. Once purchased, slide the containers under your bed with ease.


Storing skateboards should be easy yet effective; Using any of these options will enable you to keep all of them organized while keeping them out of harm’s way while freeing up valuable floor space in garages and rooms alike. Whether you prefer wall mounts, closet organizers or even sliding gear beneath beds – there’s plenty of ways available that cater to different styles & unique preferences. Happy organizing!

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