Best Practices for Storing Soda to Keep it Fresh and Fizzy

When it comes to carbonated beverages like soda pop, many people face the problem of storing them for long periods without losing their fizziness. Whether you wish to stock up on your favorite drink or need to store leftover cans after a party, keeping the beverage fresh can be challenging.

If not stored properly, soda pop can lose its carbonation and go flat. But worry not! There are several ways to store soda pop and keep it as fresh as possible for an extended duration. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some effective ways of storing soda pop and maintaining its freshness.

Keep Soda Pop in a Cool Place

One essential factor that affects the shelf life of any beverage is temperature. Carbonated drinks like soda pop should always be kept in a cool place where there’s no direct sunlight or heat source. If exposed to high temperatures, such as leaving it in a car parked outside during summer days, the pressure inside the container increases leading to gas escaping from the liquid which causes carbon dioxide bubbles popping out.

So if you want your sodas to retain their fizziness for longer durations, make sure they’re stored at room temperature (20-25°C) away from sources of heat.

Refrigerate Your Sodas

The best way to preserve your favorite sodas’ freshness is by refrigerating them immediately after purchase or opening them.(if unopened they expire slower). A cooler environment helps maintain carbonation levels while also preventing bacterial growth that could spoil your drink over time.

Store cans individually rather than stacking them one on top of another; this will help avoid any damage caused due to external pressure while preserving their shape so they don’t get crushed under other items in storage spaces such as cupboards or pantries .

Use an Airtight Container

Another great way of prolonging your drink’s shelf life is by transferring it to an airtight container. An airtight container prevents outside air from seeping in and coming into contact with the pop, which can cause carbonation loss.

You can use any glass or plastic bottle that comes with an airtight lid to store your soda pop. Make sure the container’s size matches how much liquid you want to store and that there’s sufficient headspace inside.(Avoid storing it too full). Once you’ve transferred the drink into the container, refrigerate it immediately – this will keep your beverage fresh for longer.

Avoid Shaking Your Sodas

While many people shake their soda cans before drinking them because they believe this move helps increase fizziness levels; this only leads to premature loss of carbonation. Banging or shaking sodas vigorously causes turbulence inside, which results in excess gas escaping faster than usual once opened later on.

So avoid shaking your drinks if you want them as fizzy as possible when consuming them later on!


In conclusion, storing soda pop properly requires some effort but is well worth it if you love having fresh bubbly beverages at home all year round. Keeping sodas cool by refrigerating them or putting them in other cool storage spaces like cupboards away from heat sources are both essential factors that help maintain their freshness and prevent premature expiry due to temperature changes.

Using an airtight container also plays a vital role in preserving your favorite drinks’ quality while avoiding any unnecessary exposure to external elements such as air moisture etc., which could spoil the taste over time. Lastly, keep calm and avoid shaking those cans!

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