How to Properly Store Sponge Cake for Long-lasting Freshness

Sponge cakes are a popular choice for many occasions. It’s light, fluffy and deliciously sweet texture makes it a favorite dessert among people of all ages. While making sponge cake might be easy, storing them can be quite tricky. Sponge cakes tend to dry out quickly and lose their moisture if not stored properly. In this blog post, we will go over some tips on how to store sponge cake so that it stays fresh and moist for longer.

Tips for Storing Sponge Cake

1) Keep it Covered

The first rule of storing sponge cake is keeping it covered at all times. Once the cake has cooled down, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or aluminum foil to prevent air from getting inside. Make sure you cover the entire surface of the cake including the bottom part as well.

2) Store at Room Temperature

Unlike other baked goods such as bread or cookies that need to be stored in cool places, sponge cakes should be kept at room temperature. Refrigerating them can cause them to dry out faster than usual as refrigerators tend to suck out moisture from foods.

If you must store your sponge cake in the fridge because of warmer weather conditions or if you’re planning on serving them later that day, make sure they are tightly wrapped with cling film or placed inside an airtight container.

3) Use Cake Domed Lids

Cake domes with lids are designed specifically for storing cakes, especially those with lofty heights like chiffon or angel food cakes made using whipped egg whites.The dome keeps your baked creations free from dust particles while allowing air circulation through its vented lid which helps maintain freshness

These domes come in different sizes ranging from small ones perfect for individual slices up to large ones suitable fora whole round shape.It also helps to keep the cake from touching the sides of its container, which can cause it to stick.

4) Avoid Moisture

Moisture is sponge cakes’ worst enemy. Avoid storing your cakes near sources of moisture such as in steamy kitchens or near open windows where there is high humidity. Moist environments encourage mold growth and make your cake go bad faster.

If you live in a humid area, try placing a piece of bread with your sponge cake. The bread will help absorb excess moisture in the air thereby keeping your dessert fresh and moist for longer.


Storing sponge cakes might seem daunting but with these simple tips, you can ensure that they stay fresh for up to three days without losing their taste or texture. Remember always to wrap them tightly, avoid refrigeration unless necessary and do not subject them to extreme environmental factors like heat or high humidity levels. With these few guidelines,you can enjoy a delightful slice of cake any time you want!

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