Best Ways to Store Sprouted Potatoes for Planting Success

Growing potatoes is not only a rewarding experience, but it can also be an excellent source of fresh produce for your kitchen. The best way to ensure a successful potato harvest is by using seed potatoes that are healthy and well-stored. One way to store seed potatoes is by sprouting them before planting, which helps increase their nutrient content and encourages robust growth. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to store sprouted potatoes for planting.

Why Store Sprouted Potatoes?

Sprouted potatoes have more nutrients than unsprouted ones because the process of sprouting helps activate enzymes in the potato that convert starch into simple sugars. These simple sugars provide energy for the growing plant and help it establish more quickly after planting, resulting in larger yields at harvest time.

Additionally, storing sprouted potatoes allows you to maximize your yield from each seed potato since they will produce more plants than unsprouted ones.

Gather Materials Needed

To begin storing your sprouted potatoes properly, you’ll need several materials:

– A container or bag
– Sawdust or peat moss
– Seed Potatoes

Make sure all materials are clean before use; otherwise, bacteria may spread on the tubers during storage.

The Container

The first step in storing your sprouted potatoes is selecting an appropriate container. The best containers are made of breathable material like burlap or paper bags so that air circulation remains constant around the stored spuds. You can also use plastic containers with holes punched throughout if ventilation space isn’t available readily.

Sawdust/Peat Moss

Sawdust or peat moss provides insulation against fluctuating temperatures while also helping maintain moisture levels within ideal ranges for long-term storage without rotting issues.

Seed Potatoes

When selecting seed potatoes for storing purposes, make sure they are healthy and free of any cuts or bruises. You want to use only perfect tubers for planting purposes since they tend to produce the most robust plants.

Storing Sprouted Potatoes

Now that we have all of our necessary materials and seed potatoes let’s get into how to store them!

The first step is to lay down a layer of sawdust or peat moss in the bottom of your container before placing your sprouted potato over it. This will help protect the sensitive eyes from damage during storage while also providing some insulation against fluctuating temperatures.

Next, place each sprouted potato in its own space on top of this initial layer (with eyes facing upwards). Be sure not to stack them too high; otherwise, excess pressure could damage the delicate shoots inside.

Repeat these steps until you’ve filled up your container with all available space used up completely by seed potatoes arranged nicely without excessive stacking on one another.

Finally, cover everything using another layer of sawdust/peat moss firmly but gently compressed onto every area lightly.

Store your containers somewhere cool and dark like a cellar or basement for optimal conditions. If stored correctly as described above, home gardeners should expect their harvested crop come autumn time!


Storing sprouted potatoes correctly can be an excellent way to boost yields from each seed potato used. By following our tips laid out above for selecting appropriate containers, filling them with suitable materials like sawdust/peat moss while arranging individual potatoes carefully within we hope you feel confident enough now start growing more healthy potatoes at home! Good luck!

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