Tips for Properly Freezing and Storing Steak at Home

Are you a steak lover but don’t always have time to prepare one? Do you want to store your steak for future use but not sure how? Worry no more, in this blog post we will guide you on how to properly store your steak in the freezer.

Choose the Right Steak

Before even thinking about storing your steak in the freezer, it’s important to choose the right cut. The best cuts of steaks for freezing are thicker ones like ribeye and sirloin. Avoid thinner cuts like flank or skirt as they tend to lose their quality when frozen.

Packaging Options

There are two main options when it comes to packaging your steaks for freezing: plastic wrap or vacuum-sealed bags. Both options work well, however vacuum-sealed bags provide better protection against freezer burn which can affect taste and texture of food over time.

Preparing Your Steak for Freezing

Once you’ve chosen your cut and packaging option, it’s important to prep your steak before placing it into the freezer. Start by patting down any excess moisture with paper towels as water crystals can form during freezing and damage the meat. If using plastic wrap, double-wrap each individual piece tightly making sure there is little room for air pockets inside. With vacuum-sealed bags, follow manufacturer instructions on how much air should be removed before sealing shut.

Naming and Dating Your Steaks

It’s easy to forget what exactly is stored in our freezers especially if there are multiple pieces of meats placed at once! To avoid confusion, label each wrapped piece clearly with a permanent marker indicating its name (i.e Ribeye) and date packaged.

Freezing Time Lengths

When properly prepared and stored at 0°F (-18°C), uncooked meats can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months. However, it’s recommended to consume within 6 months for best quality.

Thawing Your Steak

When you’re ready to cook your frozen steak, it’s important to thaw it properly first. The best way is by placing the wrapped steak into the fridge and letting it thaw slowly over time (approximately 24 hours). Avoid using hot water or microwave as they can partially cook meat resulting in uneven texture and taste.


By following these simple steps on how to store your steaks in the freezer, you’ll have delicious cuts of meat ready whenever needed. Remember choosing the right cut, packaging correctly, labeling and dating each piece will ensure maximum freshness when cooking!

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