Effective Ways to Store Strawberries in Mason Jars for Long-term Freshness

Strawberries are a great summer fruit, but they tend to spoil fast. To make them last longer, you can store them in mason jars.

Mason jars are perfect for storing strawberries as they keep the fruit fresh for up to two weeks. They also allow you to see the strawberries and organize them easily.

In this blog post, we will show you how to store strawberries in mason jars so that your berries stay fresh and delicious all week long!

Choosing Mason Jars

When it comes to choosing mason jars for storing strawberries, there are a few things you need to consider:

The Size of the Jar:

Choose a jar that is big enough to hold your strawberries without overcrowding them. A quart-sized jar should be enough for around 1-2 pounds of strawberries.

The Material of the Jar:

Glass mason jars are preferred over plastic as they don’t retain any smell or flavor from previous use and won’t leach chemicals into your food.

The Sealing Mechanism:

Choose a jar with an air-tight seal like those with lids that have rubber seals or clamp-down mechanisms. This helps maintain freshness by keeping moisture out.

Preparing Strawberries for Storage

To ensure that your strawberries stay fresh when stored in mason jars, there are steps you need to take before putting them in:

Clean Your Strawberries:

Before placing your berries in storage containers, rinse thoroughly under cold water then pat dry using paper towels until completely dry.

Hull Your Strawberries:

Remove stems by cutting the green tops off each strawberry making sure not cut too deep such that parts of flesh come off

Packaging and Storing Strawberries in Mason Jars

Once you have prepared your strawberries, it’s time to pack them in mason jars. Here is how to do it:

Pack The Berries Loosely:

Pack the strawberries loosely so that they can breathe and don’t get squished or soft.

Leave Room at the Top of The Jar:

Make sure to leave some space at the top of the jar so that you can seal it properly

Storing Your Strawberries

After packing up your strawberries in mason jars, keep them fresh by following these additional tips:

Store In A Cool Place:

Keep your strawberries stored in a cool place like a refrigerator or pantry where they won’t be exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

Avoid Freezing:

Don’t freeze your strawberry-filled mason jars as this will cause ice crystals form which would ruin both texture and taste of berries


Mason jar storage is an excellent way to store fresh summer fruits like strawberries. By taking care during preparation and storing using glass containers with proper seals, you’ll make sure that your berries stay delicious for longer!

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