The Ultimate Guide to Storing Swiss Meringue Buttercream: Tips and Tricks

The Importance of Properly Storing Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Swiss meringue buttercream is a delicious and versatile frosting that can be used for a variety of desserts. However, it is important to store this creamy delight properly in order to maintain its texture, flavor and overall quality. Improper storage can lead to separation or spoilage, which can ruin your perfectly crafted cake or cupcakes.

What is Swiss Meringue Buttercream?

Swiss meringue buttercream consists mainly of egg whites, sugar and butter and has a light and fluffy texture. It is different from American-style buttercreams that use powdered sugar instead of granulated sugar. Due to its high fat content, this type of frosting needs special care when it comes to storage.

Cooling the Frosting Before Storage

Once you have made your Swiss meringue buttercream, allow it to cool down completely before storing it. This will prevent any condensation from forming inside the container which could cause separation or spoilage.

Choosing the Right Container

It’s important that you choose an airtight container with a tight-fitting lid when storing your Swiss meringue buttercream in order to keep out any air or moisture contact. Glass containers are preferable as they are non-reactive compared to plastic ones which may react with acidic ingredients causing off-flavors.

Refrigeration vs Freezing

While refrigeration helps prolong shelf life by slowing down bacterial growth and oxidation processes,it’s best not put swiss merigue frostings in freezer due its delicate structure as freezing damages the water molecules present within causing them too form ice crystals resulting in loss o fvelvety smoothness after thawed .

Determining Shelf Life

Swiss meringue buttecream can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week and about 3 months when frozen as long it is properly packed. However, its best to use within first few days as this frosting tends to harden and lose its softness over time .

Bringing Your Frosting Back To Life

After being cooled or frozen swiss meringue buttercream may seem dry or stiff after storage but don’t worry! Just let it sit at room temperature until it becomes pliable again then re-beat with a mixer until you achieve your desired consistency.


Swiss meringue buttercream is an amazing frosting that should be enjoyed by everyone. Properly storing this type of frosting will help preserve its texture, flavor and overall quality allowing you enjoy delicious desserts anytime without worrying about spoilage. By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your Swiss meringue buttercream lasts longer and stays fresher than ever before!

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