The Ultimate Guide to Properly Storing Tea at Home

Tea can be an expensive and delicate product, so it’s important to store it properly to ensure its quality and longevity. One of the biggest factors in tea storage is maintaining the appropriate temperature, humidity level, and exposure to light. In this article, we will discuss some of the best practices for storing tea.


Tea should be stored in a cool place with a stable temperature. The ideal storage temperature for most teas is between 60°F to 75°F (15°C – 24°C). Excess heat can cause oxidation of essential oils present in tea leaves leading to their deterioration over time. Therefore, avoid storing your tea close to heat sources such as ovens or heaters.

Cold Storage

Some types of teas such as green and white tea are very sensitive to high temperatures; therefore they need cold storage conditions that help preserve their flavor profile over extended periods.
If you want your green or white teas last longer without degrading then consider keeping them refrigerated if possible because cold temperatures extend their shelf-life considerably.

Room Temperature Storage

For teas that aren’t sensitive like black or herbal ones room temperature shifts have negligible impact on quality when compared with hot environments but still try avoiding direct sunlight exposure since UV rays may alter a blend’s flavor profile causing it lose its original taste aroma.

Humidity Level

Humidity levels matter when looking at proper conditions required for good upkeep of any type of tea.
Since excessive moisture causes mold growth which affects the taste quality largely while drying out also has consequences; therefore aim for around 50-70% relative humidity where air circulation exists which enables dryness avoidance from settling within packaging.

Airtight Containers

One way you can maintain necessary moisture levels involves using airtight containers for tea storage. These containers help prevent moisture and any other unwanted substances from entering the container, preserving it’s quality.


Light is another factor that can impact the quality of your tea. Ultraviolet light rays present in sunlight cause a chemical reaction in tea leaves resulting in flavor changes and loss of aromatic oils.

Storing Tea Bags

If you are storing teabags then keep them away from direct light exposure either by keeping them inside opaque jars or drawers to block out sunlight uv-rays which hasten degradation process.

Loose Leaf Teas Storage

For loose leaf teas consider using ceramic or opaque tins to protect against external lighting effects as well since clear glass jars aren’t effective enough with blocking UV rays which affect taste adversely; metal tins also work but make sure they have rubber gaskets on lids to create hermetic seals reducing air circulation odds inside container.


Tea storage is an essential aspect that contributes heavily towards maintaining its flavor profile over long periods of time.
Regardless whether you’re a green, black, white or herbal variety fan, Maintaining proper temperatures plus humidity levels while avoiding UV rays exposure guarantees desired outcomes when brewing your favorite cuppa after weeks-months’ even years-long wait!

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