Effective Ways to Organize and Store Ties in Your Drawer

Do you have a collection of ties that you want to store in a drawer? Do you find it frustrating when your ties become wrinkled or tangled because they are not stored properly? If so, this blog post is for you! In this guide, we will share some tips on how to store ties in a drawer.

Choose the Right Drawer

When storing your ties in a drawer, it’s important to choose the right one. A shallow and wide drawer is perfect for storing ties as it allows them to lay flat and prevents wrinkles. It’s also better if the inside of the drawer is lined with fabric or velvet as this will prevent any slipping or sliding.

Tie Hanger vs Tie Drawer Organizer

There are two popular options for tie storage: tie hangers and tie drawer organizers. Tie hangers can be hung over hooks or racks and are great for those who have limited space in their drawers. They usually come with clips that hold each tie securely in place.

On the other hand, tie drawer organizers are designed specifically for use inside drawers. These organizers usually have slots where each individual tie can be placed. This method keeps your ties neatly organized without taking up additional space outside of your dresser/drawer.

Fold Your Ties Correctly

Before placing your ties into your chosen storage area (whether that be via hangers or an organizer), make sure they’re neatly folded first!

Fold each of your neckties gently by bringing together both ends at around 1/5th distance from bottom end towards knot while keeping middle part wider than both ends; then fold one half behind another again at halfway point – leaving top section facing outward square edge upwards – before tucking undercarefully along with any protruding bits/edges until everything looks neat & level again!

This may take some practice but with patience and persistence, you’ll be folding your ties perfectly in no time.

Don’t Make a Tie Knot

It’s best not to tie a knot in your ties before storing them. This will cause creases that are difficult to remove later on. Instead, fold them neatly as described above or hang them using clips designed for tie storage.

Store Your Ties Alphabetically

If you have a large number of ties, it’s important to keep them organized alphabetically so that you can easily find the one that you’re looking for when getting dressed. You can do this by placing all of your red ties together then moving on to yellow ones – green etc. until each color is sorted into alphabetical order. This method has been proven effective since it saves time and ensures convenience every morning!

Maintain Your Drawer Space

Finally, after organizing all your neckties properly inside drawers/hangers- make sure they remain clean tidy by routine maintenance such as wiping drawer surfaces free from dust/lint/other particles regularly while also checking periodically whether any holes or damages need repairing/cleaning up.

This will help ensure that your ties stay neat and undamaged over time!


Storing ties correctly is important if you want to maintain their quality over time! With the tips shared in this blog post, we hope you now know how to store your collection safely away in a drawer without worrying about wrinkles or tangling issues anymore! Remember: The right storage area (drawer vs hanger), proper folding techniques & organization are key factors here; always be mindful of these things when taking care of valuable possessions like neckties made from silk/satin/etc.!

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