The Ultimate Guide to Storing Tomatoes Before Canning

Tomatoes are a versatile ingredient that can be used in various dishes. With their delicious taste and nutritious value, they are a must-have in every kitchen. If you’re planning to preserve tomatoes for later use, canning is an excellent option. But before you start the canning process, it’s crucial to store your tomatoes properly.

In this post, we’ll explain how to store tomatoes before canning so that you get the best results.

Choosing the Right Tomatoes

Before storing your tomatoes for canning, make sure you select the right type of tomato. The best ones for canning are those with low moisture content such as paste or Roma tomatoes. These types of tomatoes have fewer seeds and less juice than other varieties like beefsteak or cherry tomatoes.

Look for Firm Tomatoes

When choosing your tomatoes, ensure that they’re firm and free from blemishes or soft spots. Overly ripe or damaged fruits will not only affect their shelf life but also affect the quality of your canned product.

Preparing Your Tomatoes

Once you’ve selected your perfect batch of fresh firm roma/paste/marzano style tomato variants- it’s time to prepare them correctly!

Rinse Them Well

Wash each tomato under running water thoroughly and dry them using a paper towel once done washing them off properly—removing dirt particles from its skin surface

Removing Tomato Skins

Peel off any loose skins on each fruit using a sharp paring knife just enough to score an X shape at one end (top) then blanch whole & scored fruits by boiling water into large bowl/canner filled with ice cubes after 45 seconds cook time remove from boiling water then plunge into cold watery bath till skins separate from flesh automatically

Drying Your Tomatoes

One of the most important steps in storing tomatoes for canning is drying them. Drying helps reduce excess moisture, which can cause bacterial growth and spoil your canned product.

Air Dry

After rinsing and peeling the tomatoes correctly, gently pat them dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then allow them to air-dry on a rack until they’re completely dry before arranging them into jars or bags.

Storing Your Tomatoes

Now that you’ve prepared and dried your tomatoes, it’s time to store them properly for later use.

Refrigerate Them Overnight

Place all the drizzled scored & blanched fruits inside large zip lock baggie seal tight squeeze out any extra air within, then refrigerate overnight till morning (next day)

Freezing The Bagged Fruits

The next day you may remove these now chilled firm ripe fruits from refrigerator storage space & place each bag filled with prepped tomato fruit into freezer storage unit; remember to leave sufficient headspace in each container as well!

In Conclusion

Storing tomatoes correctly before canning is essential if you want high-quality canned products. Choosing firm Roma/Paste/Marzano style tomato variants- Peeling their skins off by scoring an X shape at one end using boiling water then plunging into cold bath till skin separates easily from flesh -then allowing it air-drying thoroughly before making sure to pack its contents securely while leaving enough headspace! Keep your prepped & blanched fruits refrigerated overnight (depending on preference) prior freezing – this will help preserve quality without decaying quickly during long-term storage periods!

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