Easy Tips for Storing Towels without a Linen Closet

As a homeowner, finding enough storage space can be a challenge. This is especially true when it comes to storing essential items like towels. For many of us, linen closets are not always available in our homes – and even if they are present, they might simply not have enough room for all the necessities that need to be stored away.

But don’t worry! There are plenty of creative ways you can store your towels without needing a linen closet.

1. Utilize baskets or bins

One easy way to store your towels without needing a linen closet is by utilizing baskets or bins. Not only do these containers look great in any room, but they also provide ample storage space for your towels.

You can find various sizes and shapes of baskets that suit different needs – from small ones perfect for hand towels to larger ones suitable for bath sheets. These items work well whether you keep them on shelves or under cabinets.


Make sure the basket’s size fits the space where you want it placed because large bins might take up too much floor space otherwise

2. Hang towel racks on walls or doors

Another effective option for storing your towels is hanging towel racks on walls or doors. You can purchase stand-alone towel racks with multiple bars capable of holding several towels at once- some even come with adjustable heights making them customizable according to preference!

If there’s little wall-space near your shower stall/tub area try mounting towel hooks near-the door instead; this could serve as an equally convenient drying spot while keeping wet clothes off floors

While installing new hardware may seem intimidating at first, most modern-day models come with simple installation instructions and pre-drilled holes so homeowners won’t have much trouble getting started themselves


Consider hooking command hooks behind bathroom door as an alternative solution

3.Rolled towels in a basket

Rolling your towels and storing them in large baskets is another excellent way to keep your towels organized and easily accessible. Rolled linen takes up less space as compared to folded linens; hence you can fit more towels into the same amount of storage area.

This method also allows for some creativity – you can store similar colored or patterned towels together, or even mix-and-match for a funky look!


Add extra ambiance to your basket with aromatic candles or decorative accent pieces

4. Stylish ladder shelves

If you’re looking for an unconventional yet chic solution, consider adding ladder shelves in your bathroom. These stylish pieces come with multiple rungs that provide plenty of space for hanging different-sized bath linens like hand-towels, washcloths etc.

Plus they offer additional shelving areas where other bathroom essentials like soaps, lotions etc., can rest neatly too!


Give old wooden ladder new life by painting it a vibrant hue that complements decor

5. Store underneath sink

Utilize the space under sinks if there are no cabinets installed already; this place provides ample room to store various items including excess supply of paper goods and toiletries but could be used just as easily stashing away clean/dry towel sets.

You may purchase rolling cart which fits effortlessly under-the-sink cabinet doors, providing vertical storage without taking up much floor-space

In conclusion:

Just because your home lacks a linen closet doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or function when it comes down to storing bathroom necessities such as clean dry linens! With these five tips ,you’ll find ways around any potential issues while keeping things neat and tidy year-round.

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