The Ultimate Guide to Storing Turnips in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a game that’s been around for almost 20 years now. One of the things that make this game so popular is its unique approach to gameplay, which includes farming turnips. Turnips are an essential part of any player’s inventory in Animal Crossing, as they allow you to make some serious bells (the in-game currency). However, storing them can be tricky and requires proper attention.

Why Store Turnips?

Storing your turnips properly could mean the difference between making it big or going bankrupt! In Animal Crossing, players buy turnips from Joan on Sundays and sell them later at Nook’s Cranny. The prices fluctuate daily, so timing is everything when it comes to selling your turnips. If you store your turnips well and wait until the right time to sell them at a high price, you’ll maximize your profits.

The Basics of Storing Turnip

Turnips must be stored correctly; otherwise, they will rot within a week. The storage process needs careful consideration since we don’t want our hard-earned money going down the drain!

Firstly, ensure you keep these vegetables out of direct sunlight as exposure causes faster decay rates than necessary. Secondly, avoid keeping them outside since certain weather conditions like rain can cause spoilage too quickly.

Instead of dropping stacks all over animal crossing island randomly place them inside houses owned by characters such as Tom Nook Or Isabelle who have their own homes set up already with convenient furniture pieces designed specifically for item placement

How To Use Storage Facilities Efficiently

As soon as possible after purchasing a substantial amount (generally over 100) head back home immediately where the first step should involve creating space within one’s primary dwelling location whether that’s through remodeling interior spaces or moving furniture around based on needs.

Once home, players should move the turnips from their inventory to either a house with enough space or an outdoor area that’s shaded and dry. Turnips can stay fresh for one week in the right conditions.

Community Storage Options

If you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are now additional storage options available. Players can now store items at Resident Services using a locker system that allows them to access their possessions at any time.

Additionally, other kinds of buildings such as bridges when constructed near each other create more community spaces where players can deposit items into chests positioned around these structures just like inside Tom Nooks house- making item management easier than ever before!


It is vital to take proper care of your turnips if you want maximum profits from your investment! Ensure they are stored correctly in a shady and dry location indoors, and avoid placing them outside or under direct sunlight. If needed use the newly added community storage options provided by Resident Services or communal chest areas created through new town planning features while building bridges across rivers on islands. With these tips in mind storing turnips will become second nature over time – happy farming!

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