The Best Ways to Store Uncooked French Fries for Longevity

French fries are a popular delicacy all over the world. Whether you are preparing them at home or eating out, they always come in large portions that we can’t finish at once. In such cases, it’s important to learn how to store uncooked French fries properly so that they don’t go bad and can be used later. Here is a detailed guide on how to store uncooked French fries.

General Tips for Storing Uncooked French Fries

Use Airtight Containers

One of the best ways to store uncooked french fries is by using an airtight container that will not allow air inside. This helps maintain their texture and prevent moisture from entering which ultimately damages the quality of your entire batch.

Cut Your Potatoes Uniformly

Cutting potatoes uniformly helps ensure that all pieces cook evenly and also makes it easier for you when storing them as they’ll fit together neatly.

Avoid Refrigeration Before Cooking

Refrigerating potatoes before cooking will cause them to darken quickly, lose their crispiness, and eventually become soggy after frying. Therefore, avoid refrigeration before cooking if possible.

In-Depth Guide on How To Store Uncooked French Fries

Here are several methods for storing your uncooked french fries:

The Freezer Method

Step 1: Preparing The Potatoes
Start by peeling and cutting your desired amount of potatoes into uniform sizes using a mandoline slicer or knife set with adjustable blade thicknesses

Step 2: Blanching
Boil water in a large pot while adding salt until dissolved then add cut potato pieces into boiling water for about four minutes depending on size (smaller pieces take less time).

Step 4: Cool The Blanched Potatoes
Cool the blanched potatoes in a bowl filled with ice for approximately five minutes until they are completely cool.

Step 5: Arrange Fries In Freezer Bags
Once cooled, arrange your fries in freezer bags or an airtight container and remove any excess air to avoid freezer burn. Label them with the date of preparation before storing them in the freezer.

The Refrigerator Method

Step 1: Preparing The Potatoes
Peel and cut your desired amount of potatoes into uniform sizes using a mandoline slicer or knife set with adjustable blade thicknesses

Step 2: Store Them Submerged In Water
Store your freshly cut potatoes submerged inside cold water for about thirty minutes. This helps keep their texture intact and prevents browning as well.

Step 3: Dry Your French Fries
Remove them from water after thirty minutes, pat dry using paper towels, then store them inside an airtight plastic zip lock bag but make sure there’s enough space between each piece so that it doesn’t stick together.

Step 4: Avoid Refrigerating Before Cooking
Avoid refrigeration if possible instead store at room temperature until ready to cook.


Storing uncooked french fries is easy when you prepare properly and use appropriate storage methods such as freezing or refrigerating. Now that you know how to store uncooked French fries, you can always have them readily available whenever you want without worrying about quality loss. These steps will help ensure that your french fries retain their crispiness and delicious taste even days after preparation!

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