How to Properly Store Uncrustables for Ultimate Freshness

If you are a fan of Uncrustables, you know how delicious they can be. These pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are perfect for busy mornings or as a quick snack on-the-go. However, if you buy them in bulk or want to store them at home, you might wonder how to keep them fresh and tasty.

The Best Ways to Store Uncrustables

In the Freezer

The best way to store uncrustables is in the freezer. They come packaged in an individual plastic wrapper that is designed for freezing. You can leave the sandwiches wrapped as-is and put them directly into your freezer.

Airtight Container

Another option is to remove the sandwiches from their original packaging and place each one in an airtight container before putting it into your freezer. This method will not only protect your uncrustables from moisture but also help prevent freezer burn.

Refrigerator Storage

While uncrustables are meant to be frozen, some people like keeping them refrigerated instead. If this is what you prefer, make sure that they stay sealed inside their original packaging – they should last up to 7 days stored this way.

Tips for Storing Uncrustables Properly

Labeling & Date Tracking

It’s important always to label your containers with dates so that you can keep track of when each sandwich was packed into storage – by doing so ensures quality control while minimizing food waste within the household.

Bulk Purchasing

If you tend towards buying multiple packs of Uncrustable at once (or perhaps get hooked on special seasonal flavors), try taking advantage of sales whenever possible whilst storing extra boxes within freezers or pantry spaces; either solution will help to ensure that you never run out of your favorite snacks.

Safe Food Handling

Never leave an Uncrustable sandwich at room temperature for more than two hours, as this can promote the growth of bacteria. Also, if you notice any signs of spoilage such as mold or off-odor/texture – discard them immediately and do not consume.


In conclusion, storing Uncrustables is easy if you follow a few simple tips and tricks. Freezing them in their original packaging is the most effective method, although refrigeration will work too but less efficient compared to freezing. Always remember safe food handling best practices by labeling containers with dates and never allowing Uncrustables sandwiches to sit at room temperature for extended periods; by following these steps can ensure a longer shelf life while maintaining product quality through taste testing controls. So next time you buy your favorite snack in bulk or want to keep some around the house for when hunger strikes – now you know how to store uncrustables properly!

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