Effective Ways to Store Unripe Tomatoes for Optimum Freshness

Tomatoes are a staple in many homes, and they come in handy for different meal preparations. Whether you are making salsa or marinara sauce, fresh tomatoes can bring out the best flavors in your dishes. However, sometimes we end up with unripe tomatoes that need to be stored before ripening. In this blog post, we will discuss how to store unripe tomatoes so that they ripen properly.

Why Store Unripe Tomatoes?

Unripe tomatoes may not be ready to eat right away but can still ripen over time when stored correctly. When you have too many tomatoes on hand or have picked them early from the garden before ripe, storing them is an excellent way of preserving their freshness until they reach full maturity. Additionally, unripe tomatoes can also provide a more extended shelf life than ripe ones.

How to Store Unripe Tomatoes

Paper Bag Method

One of the easiest ways of storing unripe tomatoes is by using paper bags. Paper bags help trap ethylene gas produced by green tomato fruits which speeds up the process of maturation.

1) First off, collect all your green or partially-ripened fruits.

2) Pick out any visibly damaged or bruised fruit; these may not last long during storage.

3) Place them inside clean brown paper bags (not plastic).

4) Add one ripe apple or banana into each bag together with your green tomato fruits then seal it tightly.

5) Place the bag(s), along with its contents in a dark warm place at room temperature such as a pantry closet.

6) Check every few days if there is progress towards maturing after about two weeks at 65-70°F/18-21°C.

7) Once they turn red and soft when gently squeezed – voila! They’re ready for cooking or eating.

Airtight Container Method

Another way of storing unripe tomatoes is by using airtight containers. This method works best if you want to store your tomatoes for an extended period and to keep them fresh longer.

1) Begin with selecting quality green or partially-ripened fruits

2) Wash the tomatoes, then dry them off using a clean towel.

3) Ensure the container is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use.

4) Place all dry fruit varieties into the container (it’s okay if they touch).

5) Seal it tightly making sure there are no air pockets inside.

6) Store in a cool dark corner of your kitchen pantry closet, free from other fruit types that could emit ethylene gas.

7) Check every few days until they turn red and soft when gently squeezed – this will take 2-4 weeks on average at standard room temperature.


Storing unripe tomatoes can be an excellent way of preserving their freshness, prolonging shelf life, and ripening them over time. Whether you choose the paper bag method or the airtight container method; ensure to regularly check their progress towards maturity. Through proper storage techniques like those discussed above, you can enjoy ripe red juicy deliciousness even when tomato season has ended!

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