Tips for Properly Storing Unshucked Oysters

Oysters are one of the most popular seafood delicacies that people love to indulge in. However, storing oysters can be quite tricky especially if you’re new to it. Since they are living creatures, they need special care and attention when being stored to keep them fresh and safe for consumption.

In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to store unshucked oysters as a beginner so that you can enjoy their delicious taste at home without any worries.

1. Choose the Right Oysters

The first step towards storing unshucked oysters is choosing the right ones. Make sure that you purchase oysters from reputable sellers who have good quality control measures in place. Also look for fresh and healthy-looking oyster shells with no cracks or signs of damage.


– Check the scent of the water where they are kept
– Look for tightly closed shells
– Do not buy cooked or dead ones

2. Keep Them Cool

Once you’ve got your hands on some good-quality fresh oysters, it’s time to store them properly by keeping them cool but not frozen. Place your unshucked oysters in a large bowl or container filled with ice cubes or crushed ice along with some damp towels covering them.

The idea behind this is to create an environment similar to where these creatures live naturally – cold seawater environments – which keeps them alive longer.


– Store raw non-shelled products immediately after purchase.
– Keep chilled between 0°C – 4°C (32°F – 39°F)
– Do not submerge your product completely under water

3. Don’t Forget About Airflow

Storing unshucked oysters requires proper ventilation as well since they release carbon dioxide and ammonia gas which can be harmful to their meat quality. So, make sure that the container or bowl where you store them has enough airflow by leaving some space or openings.


– You may cover with a damp towel to prevent drying out of oysters
– Do not spray water directly onto your product.

4. Shuck Them Just Before Eating

If you’re storing unshucked oysters for a long time, it’s best to shuck them just before eating them as they are more prone to spoilage once the shells have been opened. This way, you’ll get the freshest taste possible and avoid any risks of food poisoning.


– Hold the shell flat in one hand using a clean cloth.
– Insert an oyster knife between two halves of the shell near its hinge.
– Remove top lid without cutting flesh too much

By following these simple tips on how to store unshucked oysters as a beginner, you’ll be able to enjoy this wonderful delicacy at home anytime without worrying about freshness or safety issues. So go ahead, buy some fresh good-quality oysters today and try out our storage method!

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