The Ultimate Guide on How to Store Urine for a Drug Test

When it comes to drug tests, urine samples are one of the most common methods used to detect the presence of drugs in a person’s system. However, storing urine properly is extremely important to ensure accurate and reliable results. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to store urine for a drug test.

Why is Proper Urine Storage Important?

Urine samples need to be stored correctly because certain factors can affect the accuracy of drug test results. For example, if urine is not stored properly at room temperature or above 32°F (0°C), bacteria can grow and produce false positive results for various drugs.

Another important factor that affects urine storage quality is exposure to light. If your sample container isn’t opaque or doesn’t have an appropriate cover on it, UV light from sunlight or fluorescent bulbs may degrade certain substances in the sample over time. This could also result in inaccurate readings during testing.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Store Urine For A Drug Test

Here are some steps you should follow when storing your urine sample:

1) Choose The Right Container

The first step towards proper storage of your urine sample involves choosing an appropriate container. Always opt for a clean and sterilized container made up of glass or plastic with a secure cap/tightly fitting lid that does not leak when closed tightly.

However, avoid using containers containing any substance that might alter the chemical properties of your sample such as cleaning agents etc

2) Temperature Control

After collecting your clean midstream pee into an uncontaminated specimen jar , make sure you keep it refrigerated between +4°C -+8°C till you submit it for testing within two days maximum

If you know aren’t going for testing immediately after collection consider freezing unopened specimens below minus 10 degrees Celsius but thaw to room temperature before taking for drug test

Never let urine samples stay at a warm or hot place. This can cause bacterial growth and changes in the composition and concentration of urine, which may lead to false-positive results.

3) Keep Urine Samples Away From Direct Light

Urine samples should be stored away from direct sunlight as UV rays present in light have the potential to degrade certain substances. As mentioned earlier, exposure to light could break down any chemical compounds present in your sample thereby altering it’s purity

To avoid getting inaccurate results during drug testing, store your specimen jar with lid tightly closed in opaque bags like brown paper bags or aluminum foil.

Additional Tips To Ensure Accurate Results

Apart from storing your sample as outlined above there are several other factors that you need to consider when going for a drug test:

1. Cleanliness: always make sure you clean up properly especially female genitals prior collecting urine by wiping front-to-back until dry so that there is no contamination while catching midstream pee.

2. Communication: Ensure clear communication with whoever is carrying out the testing process on what medications/drugs (including over-the-counter ones) you’ve been using recently e.g within two weeks

3. Timing: Drug tests work best if conducted within hours/days after consumption hence don’t wait too long before submitting your sample, they may lose accuracy since some drugs leave bloodstream quickly while others take longer durations

In conclusion, storage of urine specimens must not be taken lightly because an improper method will lead to unreliable results affecting decision making on both personal health matters and professional opportunities such as employment etcetera . By adhering strictly to these guidelines we believe anyone can successfully store their pee safely till required for examination purposes without compromising its integrity

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