Smart Yarn Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

As a crafter, it’s easy to accumulate an extensive collection of yarns. However, storing these precious skeins can be challenging if you are short on space. But don’t fret! There are several ways you can organize and store your yarn stash in a small area without cluttering up your living quarters.

1. Get Creative with Storage Solutions

When organizing your craft supplies, think outside the box (or basket!). Consider repurposing items that you already have around the house to keep your yarn neat and organized.

For example, try using hanging shoe organizers to hold individual balls of yarn or over-the-door storage pockets for larger skeins. You can also use plastic bins or portable carts that stack neatly together in a corner or closet.

Use Wall Space

If floor space is limited, look for wall-mounted storage solutions such as pegboards or shelves that allow for vertical stacking of yarn. This saves valuable floor space while keeping everything within reach.

Another option is utilizing tension rods installed between bookcases or cabinets. These rods provide an excellent base for organizing multiple strands of different colors and thicknesses vertically.

2 . Keep Your Yarn Safe from Dust and Sunlight

The last thing any knitter wants is their beautiful creations ruined by dust accumulation or sun damage.

To prevent this, consider storing your yarn in clear plastic bags with zip closures before placing them in boxes or baskets. By doing so, not only will they stay clean but also visible making it easier to locate specific materials when needed.

It’s essential always to avoid exposing any woolen products directly sunlight as UV rays discolor delicate fabrics over time leading some fibers more vulnerable than others like silk which may deteriorate faster under bright light exposure

Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum seal bags are another effective way of protecting both woolen products and other types of fabrics. Using vacuum seal bags, you can remove all the air that usually carries dust or moisture, leaving your yarn safe from any damage.

3 . Sort Your Yarn by Weight and Color

When storing your yarn stash in a small space, it’s crucial to stay organized about how many skeins you have and which colors they come in.

One popular way of doing this is sorting your yarns by weight (thickness) into different storage bins or baskets. This not only makes it easier for you to locate the yarn you need based on the project at hand but also helps prevent tangled strands when storing multiple skeins in one container

You could also sort them separately according to colors if trying to get creative with color combinations while minimizing confusion later on.


After organizing according to weight or color preference, ensure each bin/basket has labels indicating what contents lie therein. Labelling will make it easier for someone else assisting with crafting projects identify where certain materials are stored without unnecessary fuss.

In conclusion, although limited space may seem like an obstacle when storing knitting supplies such as yarns, there are still ways around it. By getting creative with storage solutions such as repurposing unused items and using vertical spaces effectively while protecting against damaging elements such as sunshine and dust can help organize even a huge collection of threads within minimal areas available comfortably. To keep things clear-cut ultimately after labeling sorted materials saves time looking through stacks of containers for specific material required per project making crafting more efficient than ever before!

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